Tarifa Grupos +4

4+ Group fare

Get 30% off when you travel in a group.

Round up four or more friends (or family members) and enjoy a trip to wherever you want to go with a 30% discount!

Travelling with ALSA is...


We have renewed our fleet of buses so that you can travel with more space and feel comfortable throughout your journey.


You can connect to our Wi-Fi network for FREE or watch films and series on our individual screens. You can also charge your phone at the USB ports.


We have strict safety and training procedures for our drivers so that you can travel with comfort, safety and peace of mind.

Exclusive deal for ALSA website bookings

  • Groups of between 4 and 20 people.
  • Offer limited to 20 seats per bus.
  • Ticket type: one-way or fixed return.
  • Bus type: Standard.
  • Days included in deal: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Minimum pre-booking time: 1 day.
  • Can be changed but not cancelled.
  • Pre-allocated seat change is permitted at an extra cost.
  • Trips during the month of April are excluded from the fare.
  • Services on the following days are excluded: 03/03/2020, 05/07/2020, 17/07/2020, 19/07/2020, 31/07/2020; 02/08/2020, 14/08/2020, 16/08/2020, 28/08/2020, 30/08/2020; 04/09/2020, 06/09/2020, 11/09/2020, 13/09/2020; 09/10/2020, 12/10/2020, 30/10/2020, 02/11/2020, 04/12/2020, 07/12/2020, 08/12/2020, 18/12/2020 a 27/12/2020, 30/12/2020, 31/12/2020.