Share your photos with ALSAgram

Share your photos with ALSAgram

Participate in our photo competition and receive up to 75% off on your next ticket

Find your photographer within with ALSAgram.

If you’re a fan of Instagram and you travel with ALSA, this is the competition for you! From now on, share your travel photos on Instagram using the hashtag #ALSAgram and you could win discount codes.

Surely you’ve already taken photos of the beautiful landscapes whilst travelling with ALSA: a view of the sunset, the mountains in the distance… Well with this competition, if you share your photos you could win a prize!

What could you win?

Amongst the participants we will pick the 10 best photos each month and the winners will receive 75% discount on their next trip with ALSA.

We hope you will share your favourite moments with ALSA through this competition and make us wish we had travelled on your route that day! Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #ALSAgram.

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