Europ Assistance

Individual Travel Assistance Insurance for people

The policyholder is insured for the duration of the trip described in the indicated Travel Assistance Policy contracted through EUROP ASSISTANCE according to the established conditions, limitations and exclusions. A detailed extract of the policy contract follows.

If you need our services and in order to have the right to said services, it is absolutely NECESSARY to call our 24-hour Continuous Assistance Center, at any time and wherever your location may be, and provide your name and contract number.

The guarantees ensured by this contract are valid in Spain, Europe and Morocco, depending on the destination of the ticket purchased by the policyholder. Countries that are in a state of war, siege, insurrection or any kind of armed conflict during the trip or travel are excluded from the policyholder’s coverage under this policy, even if said state has not been officially declared, and those that are specifically indicated.

The guarantees are exclusively applicable for the duration of the contracted transportation service and while the policyholder is at any ports, stations, terminals, or airports waiting to board or disembark from said transportation.

It is expressly agreed that the insurer’s obligations covered under this policy will cease as soon as the policyholder returns to his/her permanent residence or is admitted to a medical center, within a maximum distance of 25 km (15.5 mi) from said residence (15 km or 9.3 mi in the Balearic and Canary Islands).

Covered Guarantees

1. Medical expenses

EUROP ASSISTANCE is responsible for covering expenses for the intervention of health professionals and establishments in order to assist a sick or injured policyholder.

This expressly includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

a) Assistance from emergency medical teams or specialists.

b) Additional medical exams.

c) Hospitalization, treatment or surgical procedures.

d) Supply of medication while admitted to a hospital, or reimbursement for the cost of injury or illness that does not require hospitalization.

e) Assistance for acute dental problems that require urgent treatment, including infection, pain or trauma.

EUROP ASSISTANCE is responsible for covering the expenses incurred for these services up to a limit of 900 per policyholder or the equivalent in the local currency if said services are provided in a foreign country, or 750 in Spain.

Dental expenses are limited to 30, under all circumstances, or the equivalent in the local currency.

2. Medical transfer for injured or sick parties

If the policyholder has an unexpected accident or illness, EUROP ASSISTANCE is responsible for

a) The expenses for an ambulance transfer to the nearest clinic or hospital.

b) Examination by the corresponding medical team, in contact with the doctor assisting the injured or sick policyholder, in order to determine the most appropriate measures for the best treatment and mode of transportation to transfer the patient to a more appropriate medial center or his/her permanent residence.

c) The expenses for transferring the injured or sick party with the most appropriate mode of transportation to the assigned medical center or his/her permanent residence.

The EUROP ASSISTANCE medical team will decide which mode of transportation to use in each case based on the urgency and seriousness of the situation. In Europe and Mediterranean coastal countries, an especially equipped medical plane may even be used.

If the policyholder is admitted to a medical center that is far away from his/her home, EUROP ASSISTANCE will be responsible for the subsequent transfer to his/her residence.

In the event that the policyholder’s permanent residence is not located in Spain, he/she will be transferred to the departure location for the trip contracted through ALSA.

The maximum limit for this guarantee is 1,800.

3. Transfer of mortal remains

In the case of the death of a policyholder, EUROP ASSISTANCE will organize the transfer of the body to the burial site in Spain and is responsible for the associated expenses. Said expenses include post-mortem treatment in accordance with legal requirements.

Burial and funeral ceremony expenses are not included.

EUROP ASSISTANCE is responsible for the return trip of a policyholder companion in order for them to accompany the body to the burial site in Spain.

In the event that the policyholder’s permanent residence is not located in Spain, he/she will be transferred to the departure location for the trip contracted through ALSA.

The maximum limit for this guarantee is 1,800.

4. Loss, damage and theft of unchecked luggage

Compensation for damage or loss of the policyholder’s luggage or personal items is guaranteed in the case of theft, total or partial loss due to the driver, or damage resulting from fire or assault that occurs during the trip, up to a maximum of 300.

Cameras and photography accessories, as well as radio, sound and image recording equipment and accessories are included up to 50% of the total insured amount for luggage.

Theft and simple loss due to the policyholder’s negligence is excluded, as well as jewelry, cash, documents, valuable objects and sports or computer equipment.

For the purposes of the abovementioned exclusion, the following items are included:

- Jewelry: gold and platinum objects, pearls and precious stones.

- Valuable objects: silver objects, paintings and works of art, all types of collections, and fine furs.

In order for this service to be effective in the case of theft, it is necessary to file an official report with the competent authorities beforehand.

5.- Travel delays

EUROP ASSISTANCE will reimburse the expenses for purchasing a new ticket up to a maximum limit of 300 if the policyholder misses a connection with collective public transportation due to delays in ALSA bus departure.

In order for this guarantee to be applicable, there must be at least a 3-hour difference between the anticipated arrival of the ALSA bus and the subsequent departure of the subsequent connection. Hotel expenses and support required while waiting for said connection will also be covered up to a maximum limit of 100.

In order for the payment to be processed, it is necessary to submit official documentation justifying the delay issued by the public transportation organization (owner), as well as the original bills for the incurred expenses.

This compensation is applicable as long as it is not covered by the transportation company.

Any expenses incurred in a location other than where the policyholder must wait for the new connection are not covered by this policy.

This guarantee also does not cover cancellations for transportation departures; that is, not traveling in the planned mode of transportation in which at least one seat was reserved.

6.- Transmission of urgent messages (derived from guarantees)

EUROP ASSISTANCE is responsible for transmitting urgent messages requested by policyholders resulting from disasters covered by these guarantees.


The Insurer is not responsible for any obligations related to the provision of services that have not been expressly requested or stipulated in a prior agreement, except in the case of duly justified force majeure.

The agreed guarantees do not include:

a. Events voluntarily caused by the policyholder or due to fraud or gross negligence on their part.

b. Pre-existing chronic ailments or illness, as well as their consequences, which the policyholder suffered from prior to the trip.

c. Death by suicide or injuries and illnesses resulting from a suicide attempt or intentionally self-inflicted by the policyholder, or those derived from the policyholder’s criminal activity.

d. Illness or pathological conditions due to ingesting alcohol, psychotropic or hallucinogenic drugs, or any other drug or substance with similar characteristics.

e. Aesthetic treatments and the supply or replacement of hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, orthotics, and prosthetics, in general, and any type of mental illness. Also excluded are claims directly or indirectly based on complications after the seventh month of pregnancy.

f. Injuries or illness due to the policyholder’s participation in sporting bets, competitions or trials, as well as skiing or any other type of winter or adventure sports, and sea, mountain or desert emergency rescues.

g. Any events that may arise, either directly or indirectly, from events due to nuclear power, radioactive radiation, natural disasters, war activity, riots, or terrorist acts.

h. Any type of medical or pharmaceutical expense under 9.

Disaster Procedures

When an event occurs that could lead to the provision of any of the guarantees covered by the contract, it is absolutely mandatory to immediately call and notify the company of the disaster:

Once contact has been established, the policyholder must indicate:

  • First and last names
  • His/her location
  • Contact telephone number
  • Circumstances of the disaster and the type of assistance requested


This document is for informational purposes only and does not have any contractual value or replace the policy’s General and Particular Conditions, which prevail in the case of any discrepancies. The GENERAL CONDITIONS are maintained by ALSA and EUROP ASSISTANCE ESPAÑA, S.A. FOR INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE.