Urban and Regional Transport

Urban and Regional Transport

Our urban and regional bus services are provided with the following features: 

  • An area without fixed seats with capacity for at least one wheelchair passenger.  

  • Request stop button installed in the interior of the wheelchair passenger space.  

  • Motorized ramp or lift system specifically designed to facilitate access to the bus for people with reduced mobility.   

  • A complete hand rail system with a nonslip surface and contrasting colour scheme.  

  • Reserved seating: at least four seats located by the door reserved for people with reduced mobility (not wheelchair users).

  • Anti-slip vehicle flooring designed to avoid reflections both when dry and wet.  

  • Devices to both visually and audibly inform passengers of the requested and next stops.

  • Buses with additional interior stairs are equipped with a lifting platform.

Intercity Transport

Our intercity services are equipped with the following accessibility features: 

  • Chance to purchase tickets via online or phone number on 902 422 242.

  • Reservation of seats close to the vehicle doors for people with disabilities.  

  • Vehicles with lifting platforms for people travelling in wheelchairs. Consult our Customer Service line (902 422 242) to find out which routes offer this system.  

ALSA coach featuring a ramp access