ALSAPLUS Club regulations

The ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program managed by ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U. (hereinafter AG), aims to reward the loyalty of ALSA customers. The condition of Partner of the ALSAPLUS Program is personal and non-transferable. ALSA refers to the companies that use this badge in their passenger transport services by road, excluding urban passenger transport services. These general conditions are applicable from March 16, 2018. In order to improve the conditions of the Loyalty Program, ALSA reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time. In this case, ALSA will notify its ALSAPLUS Partners, at least one month in advance, by e-mail and on its website, the new operating structure and characteristics, as well as the date from which it will be effective. The client who does not wish to continue in ALSAPLUS, must notify it within a month from the date of notification, being able to redeem all the points accumulated in the same period of time, without which from that moment he can claim nothing to ALSA for this reason. The ALSAPLUS Program will be canceled without prior notice or any responsibility and will not apply the provisions set forth above, if at any time circumstances of force majeure or legal impositions that prevent its continuity occur.


The ALSAPLUS Program grants points to the titular Member for the purchase of ALSA tickets. Points that can be exchanged for the purchase of ALSA tickets and as a form of total or partial payment, according to the equivalence of points-euros valid at all times. The condition of Member implies the express authorization for the reception, through any means, including email, SMS, Push Notification, Web Notification or by telephone of any information about ALSAPLUS, news, services and / or promotions of ALSA. Likewise, the status of ALSAPLUS Member grants the possibility of benefiting from certain exclusive discounts offered by establishments affiliated with ALSAPLUS.


Any individual over the age of 18 can participate in the ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program. Adherence to ALSAPLUS is completely free and implies knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions. To acquire the status of ALSAPLUS Partner, you must complete and sign the application form established for this purpose, available at the ALSA own sales points and on the website and Your status as ALSAPLUS Partner will be accredited through the national identity document or another equivalent document valid in law (passport, NIE). AG reserves the right, without prior written notification, to cancel the Program for customers who do not have any activity in their account for 18 months from the last movement. These will become inactive clients and their points will be canceled, without prejudice to the fact that they may reapply for their activation as ALSAPLUS Partners. Likewise, AG reserves the right to cancel the points account and its balance and cancel the condition of ALSAPLUS Member to the customer who fails to comply with the rules contained in these conditions or who had made fraudulent use of the ALSA tickets. AG reserves the right to cancel the ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program at any time, prior notice to the Members one month in advance, without any liability for the damages that the cancellation could cause to the ALSAPLUS Members. If the ALSAPLUS Members have enough points to exchange for tickets, they can make the exchange within that period of one month.


Once you have received your application, which must be presented at any of ALSA's own sales points or sending the requested application form from our website, we will proceed to register you in the ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program. By joining ALSAPLUS, you agree that the information provided in the registration form is, at all times, accurate, accurate, updated and complete. If not, AG may, with immediate effect, suspend or cancel your points account and deny access, present and future, to the Program by canceling your membership. The ALSAPLUS Partner may request his / her withdrawal from the Program at any time, in writing and a photocopy of his / her D.N.I. directed to ALSAPLUS: DTO. MARKETING, 1ST FLOOR, C / ALCALÁ, 478, 28027 MADRID or to the email address, indicating your desire to terminate.


Members may also benefit from additional advantages, whose characteristics and period of validity AG will inform in their authorized channels. These exclusive advantages will not be, in any case, cumulative to any promotional tickets. In case of contradiction between them, the conditions established in the promotional tickets will prevail. As an ALSAPLUS Partner, you will obtain the following direct advantages: (i) Elimination of management costs from the second operation when purchasing through the web, mobile App and in the telephone service offered by ALSA; (ii) Ticket changes without additional cost for change management up to two hours before departure; (iii) Sending SMS with the trip locator at no additional cost. See the direct advantages, valid at all times, at and In addition, ALSAPLUS Members may benefit from special rates, discounts and / or promotions provided that they meet the conditions defined by ALSA at all times. Check the additional discounts available and their validity period at and


The ALSAPLUS Member who makes any purchase of ALSA tickets at ALSA's own sales points, on the website and, on the telephone service offered by ALSA and on the channels authorized by AG will be entitled to Obtaining 10 points for every € 5 purchase (will not apply, in any case, rounding) Obtaining points is personal by the titular Member; that is, for the purchase of ALSA tickets consumed directly by the titular Member. Otherwise, the points will not be accumulated in the account of the titular Member. The sum of the points will be produced in the 24-48 hours following the date of travel indicated on the ticket, except for the specificities indicated later in this Condition V. The Member may use the points as a form of payment, redeeming the points available for its equivalent in Euros. The points will deduct their equivalent in euros from the total amount of the ticket. AG reserves the right to change the number of points to be obtained at any time for the purchase of ALSA tickets, a modification that will be notified in advance at its own sales points and at and Regardless of the foregoing, AG will inform the ALSAPLUS Partners of the possibility of benefiting from special promotions to obtain extraordinary points. The points will be obtained 24-48 hours after the date of travel of the purchased ticket, always respecting the * Exceptions / Particularities indicated in the table of the present conditions. In the case of cancellation of tickets, the right to obtain any point will be lost.

To have the right to obtain points, the Member must provide at the time of purchase his / her ID or equivalent document valid in law that allows him to prove his identity. The points will be assigned to your account 24-48 hours after the date of travel, at which time the Member can enjoy the assigned points. AG is not responsible for the delay that may occur in the annotation of operations when causes beyond the control of AG, make it impossible to automatically capture operations. AG reserves the right to cancel the points wrongly charged in the accounts of the Members. The automatic entry of the points will only be guaranteed if the condition of the titular Member and traveler has been duly accredited and registered in the purchase of the ticket.

* Exceptions / Particularities in the allocation of points to be taken into account depending on the ticket or voucher purchased:

Type of product Date allocation points
Passes purchased on Digital Channels (Share Pass, ALSAPass ...) The points corresponding to the total amount of the pass will be assigned after the date of the first trip. That is to say; pass points will be added once a trip of the same has been consumed.
Pass purchased at Point of Sale The points corresponding to the total amount of the bonus will be assigned, after the purchase of the pass.
Round trip ticket The points corresponding to the ONE WAY trip will be added 24-48 hours after the date of travel. And the points corresponding to the RETURN trip will be added to the member's account 24-48 hours after the return travel date.
In the case of a ticket with an open return, the points will be assigned 24-48 hours after the return travel date, or in the case of a return without closing, the points will be assigned once the ticket expires.


The ALSAPLUS Partner can check the balance of his points account on the website and


The exchange of points will only take place within the framework of the ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program, in exchange for the corresponding ALSA tickets. The points are not, in any case, transferable or exchangeable for money. The Member may use the points exclusively as a form of payment of the price of the ALSA ticket, exchanging the points available for their equivalent in Euros. The points will deduct their equivalent in euros from the total amount of the ticket. The Member may exchange accumulated points for discounts on the amount of the ALSA tickets he acquires; The number of points necessary to obtain the aforementioned discount will be determined, in each case, according to the itinerary and the class of service in question. The Member can also exchange their points for ALSA Tickets (subject to availability of seats) at ALSA's own sales points, as well as on the website, and other alternative channels that ALSA will place, in its case, at the disposal of the Members. The D.N.I. of the Partner or equivalent document and data of the desired journey. These tickets may be modified and / or canceled unless the ticket is associated with a promotion that specifically does not allow modifications and / or cancellations. AG will deduct from the Member's account the points corresponding to the ALSA ticket requested at the time of receipt of the exchange request.


AG, in compliance with current regulations on the protection of personal data, informs you that the personal data provided will be incorporated into a file owned by AG with address at Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, for the purpose of formalize your adhesion to the ALSAPLUS Loyalty Program, being the recipient of the information the personnel responsible for AG. The legal basis that legitimates the treatment is your express consent by signing or sending through our web page the form of adhesion to ALSAPLUS. Your data will be kept as long as you maintain the relationship with AG and do not revoke the consent given or request cancellation / deletion of your data or opposition to treatment. The personal data provided will be used for activities related to the program's own purposes, and may be used to carry out profiling, market surveys and commercial prospection, opinion surveys and statistical analysis, direct telephone marketing, as well as for the referral, through any means, including email, SMS, Push Notification, Web Notification or other equivalent electronic communication means or telephone contact, of any information about services, news and / or promotions of both ALSA and the associated establishments ALSAPLUS related to the leisure, transport, hospitality, training, telecommunications, fashion, retail and insurance sectors, where applicable. The consultation of establishments associated with ALSAPLUS can be done through the website and The personal data provided will be used as an aid to personalize and continuously improve your shopping and traveling experience; as well as to make recommendations that could be of interest, not taking automated decisions based on the profiles analysis carried out by the company.

To perform these additional treatments we need your authorization. We understand that you give your consent, in this sense, by signing or sending the accession form through our website. Likewise, we inform you that your personal data may be communicated to establishments associated with ALSAPLUS under the commercial agreements signed with said third parties. The communication of data is necessary so that you can benefit from the products, advantages and services offered by the establishments associated with ALSAPLUS. The companies with which AG maintains commercial agreements aimed at ALSAPLUS customers or that collaborate with this Loyalty Program, can be consulted on the website and The assignees of the data are obliged to use them exclusively for the purpose established in the ALSAPLUS Program, treating the data with the strictest confidentiality. The data marked with an asterisk is mandatory, assuming the absence of the impossibility of registering in ALSAPLUS. We understand that the information provided is true, reserving, in this case, AG the right to exclude from the Program those Members who have provided false or inaccurate information. The Member may revoke their consent, as well as exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation / suppression, limitation and portability by mail to the address ALSA GRUPO, SLU, Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, or by mail electronic, enclosing in all cases, a photocopy of the DNI or equivalent document valid in law that allows to prove your identity. Also, if you consider that your data have been treated improperly, you can contact the Delegate for Data Protection of ALSA ( or you can file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, Calle Jorge Juan, 6 , 28001, Madrid.


These general conditions will be applied and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. For all disputes that may arise from it, the parties, expressly waiving the jurisdiction that may correspond, agree to submit them to the Courts and Tribunals of the client's domicile. The ALSAPLUS Partner declares that all the data reflected in the adhesion form is true, that he / she knows and accepts the conditions of this Loyalty Program and that, through his / her signature, he / she expresses his / her voluntary adhesion to them, constituting the first purchase of a ticket ALSA, express declaration of the total knowledge and acceptance of said conditions. In the same way, it acknowledges having received in this act a copy of these Conditions.