New Alsa Plus Club regulations

ALSAPLUS+ Loyalty Programme (hereinafter, the “programme” or “ALSAPLUS+”), managed by ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U. (hereinafter, "AG") is to reward ALSA customer loyalty.

Customer of the ALSAPLUS+ programme is personal and non-transferable.

ALSA should be understood herein as referring to all those companies that use the name "ALSA" in their road passenger transport services, excluding urban transport services. ALSA reserves the right to amend these loyalty programme terms and conditions at any given time to improve them. In this case, ALSA shall notify its ALSAPLUS+ customers of the new operating structure and features, as well as the effective date of the same, no later than one month in advance by means of e-mail and over its website. Customers who do not want to continue as an ALSAPLUS+ Programme must give notice to this effect within one month of the notification date and can use all their accumulated points within the same term. Thereafter it shall not be possible to claim anything of ALSA in relation to the programme. The ALSAPLUS+ programme shall be cancelled in the event of force majeure or any legal obligation precluding programme continuance without prior notice, free of all liability and without the foregoing applying.

These general terms and conditions come into effect as of 27 November 2019.


The ALSAPLUS+ programme awards points and other benefits to ALSAPLUS+ members when they buy ALSA tickets. These points can be exchanged when purchasing ALSA tickets as total or partial means of payment in accordance with the euros-points equivalence in force at any given time.

As a customer you give express authorisation to receive any information about ALSAPLUS+, novelties, services and/or offers through any medium, including e-mail, SMS, push notification, web notification or over the phone. Customers wishing not to receive commercial messages may unsubscribe from the service, stating their preference on the inscription form or changing their ALSAPLUS+ profile on ALSAPLUS+ customers are also eligible for certain exclusive discounts offered by ALSAPLUS+ associated businesses.


The ALSAPLUS+ loyalty programme is open to persons aged 18 years and over (hereinafter, the “customer”).

Signing up to ALSAPLUS+ is free of charge and implies that you are familiar with and accept these General Terms and Conditions.

To joint the ALSAPLUS+ programme, fill out and sign the application form at any ALSA point of sale, on our websites - or, or using the App.

To log-in as an ALSAPLUS+ customer, manage your account and buy tickets via any ALSA or third-party sales channel, you will need to provide ID (passport, ID card) and your password.

The programme is open to minors, in which case their parents, guardians or legal representatives will be required to supply their own ID and that of the minor. Minor accounts are linked to the accounts of their parents, tutors or legal guardians. Accordingly, all points obtained are added to the latter accounts. The representative of minors are responsible for the use made of minor accounts, holding AG harmless for any liability deriving from their management and use by the minors. On reaching full legal age, the link is dissolved, leaving the customer free to set up their own ALSAPLUS+ account.

Holders may ask to leave the programme at any time, using the channels established for the purpose.

The accounts of ALSAPLUS+ clients having no activity over a term of 24 months are considered inactive, and will receive no further messages.

AG reserves the right to cancel the points account and its balance, as well as to cancel the ALSAPLUS+ membership, of customers that fail to observe the rules set forth in these general terms and conditions or those who use their ALSA tickets fraudulently.

AG reserves the right to cancel the ALSAPLUS+ loyalty programme at any time, giving customers one month's notice thereof. Cancellation of the programme entitles ALSAPLUS+ customers to no compensation for damages. If ALSAPLUS+ Customers have enough points accumulated to exchange them for tickets they can do so within the aforementioned one month notice period.


After the application that must be submitted at any ALSA point of sale or the on-line application form is sent to our website or apps is received, we proceed to register you as a customer of our ALSAPLUS+ loyalty programme. It is obligatory that the information provided when signing up to ALSAPLUS+ be true, accurate, up-to-date and complete. If this is not the case, AG can immediately suspend or cancel your points account and refuse you present and future access to the programme by means of cancelling your membership. ALSAPLUS+ customer can leave the programme at any given moment in time by writing to ALSAPLUS+ at the following address, indicating their wish to leave and accompanying the request with a photocopy of their National ID: DTO. MARKETING, 1ª PLANTA, C/ ALCALÁ, 478, 28027 MADRID, or by e-mail to, stating that you wish to leave.


Likewise, customers can benefit from additional advantages, the characteristics and term of validity of which AG will make known through its authorised channels. It shall not be possible to combine any such exclusive advantages with ticket offers. Whenever a contradiction arises between both, the terms and conditions for ticket offers shall prevail.

Moreover, ALSAPLUS+ customers can benefit from special rates, discounts and/or offers as long as they meet the terms and conditions put in place by ALSA at any given moment in time.

See all benefits and additional discounts available at any given time, along with their validity, on or


The ALSAPLUS+ customer that purchase ALSA tickets at points of sale, over the following websites: and, app or through the phone service offered by ALSA, as well as through AG authorised channels, shall have the right to get 4 points for every €1 purchase (no rounding-off shall be applied).

Points are personal and non-transferable. Accordingly, when buying tickets, it is necessary to identify oneself as an ALSAPLUS+ member in order to obtain the points corresponding to the purchase.

Points are added within 24-48 hours of the travel date specified on tickets, except as explained below. AG shall not be liable for any delay in registering transactions for reasons beyond our control and which render it impossible to log them automatically. AG reserves the right to cancel points that are mistakenly assigned to customer's accounts. The automatic recording of points shall only be guaranteed if the condition of holder and traveller has been duly accredited and registered at the time of ticket purchase.

Any points which have not been added to the member account may be claimed within one month as from the date of travel and as outlined in the corresponding area of

AG reserves the right to change the number of points to be obtained at any given moment in time for purchasing ALSA tickets. Any such modification shall be notified beforehand at points of sale and on the and websites.

ALSAPLUS+ points expire after 18 months. After this time, they are automatically discounted from the member account and may not be either reassigned or exchanged.

Members are not entitled to obtain points for any tickets once they have been cancelled.

*Exceptions / Particularities regarding the assigning of points to be taken into account depending on the ticket or travel pass purchased:

Product Type Point assignment date
Vouchers purchased through Digital Channels (Share Pass, ALSAPass, etc.) The points corresponding to the complete voucher price shall be assigned after the date of the first trip. Accordingly, voucher points shall be added after the first trip has been completed.
Voucher purchased at the point of sale The points corresponding to the complete voucher price shall be assigned after its purchase.
Return ticket Points corresponding to the OUTGOING trip shall be added from 24 to 48 hours after the travel date. Points corresponding to the RETURN trip shall be added to Members' accounts from 24 to 48 hours after the return travel date. As far as open return tickets are concerned, points shall be added from 24 to 48 hours after the travel date, or in the event of not making the return trip, the points shall be assigned after the ticked has expired.


The ALSAPLUS+ customer can consult their points balance on the following websites: and


Points shall only be exchanged within the context of the ALSAPLUS+ programme in exchange for the corresponding ALSA tickets.

Points cannot be transferred or exchanged for money under any circumstances.

Customers may use points only as a means of payment for ALSA tickets or any additional services defined on considered by AG, exchanging points for their value in euros. 100 points is equivalent to €1.

Likewise, customers can exchange accumulated points for discounts on the price of ALSA tickets they purchase; the number of points required to obtain any such discount shall be determined in each case by the route and service class in question. Any discounts available are indicated during the ticket purchase process and specified on

Customers may also exchange their points for ALSA tickets (depending on seat availability) at ALSA points of sale, showing their ID, and over the following websites:,, and any other channels made available for the purpose. These tickets can be modified and/or cancelled unless the ticket is linked to an offer that specifically precludes modifications and/or cancellations.

AG shall discount the holder's points corresponding to the ALSA ticket on receiving the exchange request.


ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U., with VAT No. CIF B-82059478 and registered offices at Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, contact details of the data protection officer ( and email, is the Data Controller supplied when joining the ALSAPLUS+ loyalty programme.

In compliance with current personal data protection legislation, you are hereby informed that your personal details will be incorporated into a file owned by AG, for the purpose of processing your membership and participation in the ALSAPLUS+ loyalty programme. The recipient of your details will be AG personnel entrusted with these matters. The legal basis for processing your data is the consent given by submitting the ALSAPLUS+ membership form. We are also entitled to process your personal details based on the contract between us and on our legitimate interest in offering you the most satisfactory customer experience, through a personalised relationship fully adapted to your customer profile and your needs. Your personal details shall be kept for as long as your relationship lasts with AG and you do not withdraw your consent or request the erasure/deletion of them or object to their processing. Those personal details provided shall be used for activities related to the purposes of the programme and may also be used to analyse profiles, conduct market studies and for market research, opinion surveys and statistical analysis, direct phone marketing, as well as to send you information to keep you informed of ALSA offers, products or services that may be of interest to you, and to send you, by email, SMS, push notification, web notifications, any other equivalent electronic means of communication or by phone, information regarding the offers and services provided by ALSA and ALSAPLUS+-related companies in the leisure, transport, catering, training, telecommunications, fashion, retail and insurance sectors, where appropriate. You can consult all companies related to ALSAPLUS+ on the following websites: y The personal details provided shall be used as an aid to customise and continuously improve your purchasing and travel experience, as well as to make recommendations that may be of interest to you, and to avoid making automated decisions based on the profile analysis done by the company.

We need your authorisation for this additional processing. Accordingly, we understand you to have given your consent by signing the membership application form or sending it over our website. You may withdraw your consent at any time, by writing to us at Withdrawal of consent in no way affects the legal basis for the processing of your data beforehand. Likewise, you are hereby informed that your personal details can be disclosed to companies associated with ALSAPLUS+ pursuant to the commercial agreements entered into with the said third parties. This disclosure of information is required to enable you to benefit from the products, advantages and services offered by companies associated with ALSAPLUS+. Those companies with which AG has signed commercial agreements targeting ALSAPLUS+ customers or that collaborate in the loyalty programme can be consulted at the following websites and Those parties that received the data are obliged to use them solely for the purpose set forth in the ALSAPLUS+ programme and to process them in the strictest confidence. Information marked with an asterisk (*) is obligatory. If these details are not provided it shall not to possible to register you as an ALSAPLUS+ Member. We take the information supplied to be true. Nonetheless, AG reserves the right to exclude those customers from the programme that have provided false or inaccurate information. Customers can withdraw their consent and exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation/erasure, restriction and portability by means of a conventional mail to the following address: ALSA, SLU, Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, or by e-mail to:, always including or attaching a photocopy of their National ID card or legally acceptable equivalent that accredits their identity. Moreover, if you consider that your data have been inappropriately processed, they can address any such complaint to the ALSA Data Protection Officer ( or the Spanish Data Protection Agency at the following address: Calle Jorge Juan, 6, 28001, Madrid.


These General Terms and Conditions shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. For any disputes arising with regard hereto, the parties, expressly waiving any other forum to which they may have recourse, agree to be bound by the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of the place where the user is resident. The ALSAPLUS+ customer hereby declare that all the data reflected in the membership form are true, that they know and accept the terms and conditions of the loyalty programme and that, by signing, they are expressing their voluntary observance of the same. Moreover, the purchase of their first ALSA ticket constitutes an express total declaration of knowledge and acceptance of the aforementioned terms and conditions. Likewise, they acknowledge to having received in the same act a copy of these Terms and Conditions.