1. How to earn points

1. How to earn points

On each journey
5 = 10 points
4 = 10 points
Purchase your tickets with our Visa ALSAPLUS+.
Website, self service ticket machines or App
5 extra points*
When making your purchase using any of our channels.
Return trip
5 extra points*
When purchasing your fixed return tickets.
Supra and Premium Class
5 extra points*
Using any of these services.
7 days or more
5 extra points*
If you purchase your ticket in advance.

As a ALSAPLUS+ member, enjoy up to 7% discount and, with the ALSAPLUS+ Visa card, enjoy up to 8%!
* On tickets over 10.

2. How to exchange points

250 points = €5

Keep in mind that:

  • The exchange option will not be available if you do not have sufficient points.
  • You can change and cancel tickets issued with ALSAPLUS+ points.
  • You can cash in your points on return tickets.
  • You can use your points for more than one passenger.

3. Calculate your points

Find out how many points you will get for each ticket you buy.

Select the options for the tickets you want to buy:

Select the options for the tickets you want to buy:
Total number of points that you will obtain.
*For tickets over €10

Total number of points you need.

To obtain a 50% discount on your ticket.
To get your free ticket