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To travel from Monpellier to Figueres / Figueras in Alsa we make it easy for you. Travel comfortably in our fleet of state-of-the-art buses, always at the best price. Take advantage of the cheap travel prices Montpellier - Figueres / Figueras by consulting the offers with the guarantee of the official Alsa website.

Alsa, is a company with more than one hundred years of experience in road passenger transport that offers you the possibility of making your journeys by offering you quality services at a price within the reach of almost all budgets. On its buses, you will be able to visit your favorite points of the Spanish geography on a wide variety of routes and flexible schedules that will allow you to compose your travel itinerary your way.


The route begins in Montpellier, where you have the possibility of taking a shorter route, which only crosses the Perpignan region, or a longer one, in which you will also travel Narbonne, with any of the available routes, you will enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey to finally reach Figueres.

Figueres / Figueras

Figueres, known for being the birthplace of Salvador Dalí, is a city with deep Catalan roots that offers visitors the possibility of visiting the Dalí Theater-Museum, dedicated to the great surrealist painter. A cultural offer that is completed with several museums and a calendar full of parties and events spread throughout the year.

Figueres is a city full of tourist attractions where the mild climate accompanies you, throughout the year, to enjoy the sea or mountains as you please. On the outskirts, the castle of Sant Ferrán dominates the city on a hill, a fortress that was built in the 18th century, its colossal dimensions, and its more than three kilometers of perimeter, make it one of the largest in Europe.

The historic center of Figueres is delimited by vestiges of its old wall, built in the Middle Ages to defend the town. From medieval times there are beautiful corners such as the Town Hall Square, remodeled in a neoclassical style and where the town hall building stands, or the surroundings of Carrer Magre, where the old Jewish quarter was located.

La Rambla is the main promenade and authentic backbone of the city, this lively commercial thoroughfare concentrates the most ambitious architectural projects of the 19th and 20th centuries, mostly driven by the booming local bourgeoisie of that time.

Alsa takes you to Figueres / Figueras, where in addition to culture and history you can enjoy the green lands that cover the area and an excellent gastronomy that perfectly combines sea and mountains, accompanying everything with any of the excellent wines and cavas labeled under the Denomination of Origin Ampurdán-Costa Brava.

Choose your ticket in Alsa to discover Figueres / Figueras for your Easter week trips or your summer holidays. The best guaranteed service!

Montpellier to Figueres travel information

At ALSA we like to be close to our clients, solving all their questions so that they travel comfortably. Would you like to know more about coach travels between Montpellier and Figueres? We are going to show you the answers to the most common questions of our passengers so that they can help you on your trips.

How long is the coach trip from Montpellier to Figueres?

The approximate duration of the trip between both cities varies between 2 hours 30 minutes and 2 hours 55 minutes depending on the selected itinerary.

How much is the bus ticket from Montpellier to Figueres?

You can find tickets at an exceptional price if you book in advance. The price of tickets increases as the date of the trip approaches. You can save on bus tickets if you use the Frequent Traveler Pass that ALSA offers you.

Do the buses go directly or do I have to do a transfer between Montpellier and Figueres?

All buses do the itinerary directly without transfers.

Do the buses make any stops on the Montpellier to Figueres itinerary?

Yes, the buses make a stop in the middle of the journey so that our passengers can have a snack before continuing the trip.

What time does the first and last coach leave from Montpellier to Figueres?

The first bus leaves at 01:00. This bus operates during the night arriving at the destination first thing in the morning.

You have 1 daily bus frequency that cover the itinerary between both cities.

What is the distance by bus from Montpellier to Figueres?

The buses that carry out this itinerary cover a distance of approximately 210,4 km.

Where do buses from Montpellier to Figueres leave from?

The buses to carry out this itinerary leave from Montpellier Bus Station on Georges Méliès street and arrive at Figueres Bus Station on Carrer Joan Reglà 1.

Do you need additional information?

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