Tickets will only be reimbursed after they have first been cancelled. The amount reimbursed will depend on how far in advance you cancel the ticket and the specific conditions of the rate, i.e. 100% of the baseline rate for a ticket with no special rates, discounts or promotions, when done at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time. Check the surcharges for changing and cancelling tickets here.

When the ticket conditions admit cancellation, you may do so:

  • Alsa points of sale.
  • By phone 902 422 242.
  • On the website and App.

At the Website

1. Click on “Manage your ticket” in the ticket search option.

2. Select one of the following options to identify your ticket.

  • ID card and booking reference.
  • ID card and final 4 digits of the bank card used to make the purchase.

3. Click “Search”. Once you have located your ticket,you may cancel it under “Options”.

On the App

If you are an Alsa Plus customer:

1. Using the upper menu, go to “My journeys”.

2. The “Next” tab will show the tickets for your future journeys.

3. Click on “See ticket”.

4. Click on “Options” to change or cancel your ticket.

If you are not an Alsa Plus customer:

1. Using the menu, go to “My journeys”

2. Go to “Tickets Management” and, using your ID and booking reference, link your ticket to the App.

3. Tickets may be changed or cancelled under “Options”.

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