The amount of luggage you may carry depends on the limits set by the most restrictive medium. Accordingly, the airline will establish the luggage limits. When travelling with luggage, please remember:

  • ALSA luggage limit: two suitcases with a combined weight of 30 kg, which may be extended to 33 kg for an extra cost. Luggage limit permitted by the airline.
  • Luggage cannot be checked in on the bus leg of the journey and will be carried in the hold. The route ends at the bus bay at Madrid Barajas Airport T4, Level 0. Collect your luggage from the bus and proceed to Level 2 for check-in.

When travelling from an international destination, you may check in your luggage at your departure airport. When you reach Madrid, collect your luggage from the carousel, go through the check point and proceed to Level 0, where you may board your bus.

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