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Burgos, Castile's cradle. This is the city's motto, proud of its residents, and among all of them, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, el Cid Campeador, a medieval Spanish chieftain and knight during the Reconquista. ALSA has connections between Burgos and a number of cities in Spain, making it possible for anyone willing so to discover this astonishing city.

Burgos' weather is a commonplace joke. The most usual comment is "It's so cold in Burgos!", thanks to its continental climate with cold, rainy winters and warm, milder summers.

Its monumental wealth, its churches and medieval rests still preserved along with gothic-style palaces and buildings. Charming places which, besides being noteworthy buildings, are peppered with color in the many parks and gardens spread throughout the city. By the Arlanzón river which goes across the city, you will enjoy a walk in an almost bucolic environment, especially if you go to the area known as "La Isla" (the island).

The Plaza Mayor, featuring Burgos City Hall, is dominated by a statue of King Charles III of Spain, from the House of Bourbon. The Plaza de Afuera and Plaza de Adentro (inside and outside squares) and Plaza de las Llanas, as well as the Laín Clavo, San Lorenzo, de la Paloma and de la Flora streets, border the city's major building: the Cathedral. It is one of the most impressive gothic buildings in the Old World.

Burgos is part of the Santiago Trail, thus welcoming a large number of pilgrims, making Burgos a vibrant and lively city. The best restaurants offer a delicious cuisine to combine with a fine wine of Ribera del Duero, cheeses and sausages. Do not forget to try cojonudos and cojonudas, as well as a nice, tasty morcilla (black pudding).

You cannot leave either without visiting the Monastery of las Huelgas, the Cartuja of Miraflores, Puerta de Santa María and the Museum of the Evolution, an art center featuring the findings from the near Atapuerca deposit excavated for many years.

You can find an ALSA stall at Burgos Bus Station, where you can buy your ticket to start enjoying your trip. ALSA offers you a comfortable way of traveling and a customer service with no match as a result of over a hundred years in the transport of passengers.

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