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Whenever we talk about one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and Spain overall, we must always mention Granada, without a doubt one of Spain's crown jewels in the South featuring amazing places well worth a visit. With a population of 240,000, it is a city to visit on foot and wander across its most renowned quarters featuring narrow streets from the Arab-dominated era, such as the Albaicín.

When it comes to discuss about one of the most spectacular places in the city, we must mention first the Alhambra, a place you cannot miss visiting. The Alhambra, a nazari citadel declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984, has become a symbol of the city all across the world and it is one of Europe's most visited monuments. On the one hand it features a defensive area named Alcazaba, and on the other this place had a redisential purpose, such as the Nazari Palaces. Lastly, a retreat are known as Generalife, features a palace, gardens and orchards.

The Albaicín is one of those places where simply walking will delight your visit. Do not miss the chance to enjoy its narrow streets! It is also great to enjoy other places where you will find crafts and unique items. The Albaicín also has a number of tea houses where you will be delighted with the scents of this popular beverage in Granada. This quarter is where the San Nicolás balcony is placed, where you can behold the impressive shape of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada summits on the background.

You will find other jaw-dropping places in Granada, such as the cathedral, built upon a great nazari mosque located right on the city centre.

Granada is also renowned by its cuisine, including restaurants and bars where tapas are served for free with drinks, a tradition that has made the city an amazing place to indulge on delicious and varied food.

Granada also features the Science Park, where scientific questions are answered in a fun and amusing way. Sierra Nevada is also a tourist destination for snow sports lovers, with a ski station to cater their needs.

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