If you have already checked on our website that you can travel and even have your ticket, we recommend that you make sure you meet the following requirements and recommendations before you travel:

Before going to the station

Always check the status of your trip. Some services may be altered or even suspended due to the current exceptional situation.

What documentation should I carry?

Always carry with you your work, medical or any other documentation that proves the reason for your trip. It will make the work of the authorities easier in the event of a check.

Hygiene and safety measures for the trip

If you have to travel, try to follow the following health and safety recommendations to ensure your safety and that of everyone else:

 Mandatory use of mask

Users of bus transport services are informed that THE USE OF MASKS THAT COVER THE NOSE AND MOUTH IS MANDATORY FOR ALL USERS.

  Avoid traveling if you have symptoms

If you are not fit to travel, change or cancel your ticket. We have made the change and cancellation conditions more flexible so that you can manage your ticket up to 2 hours before the departure of your bus.

 Purchase on the web or self-service machines

For your safety and that of our employees, the points of sale will remain closed until further notice. You can buy your ticket on our website, app or at the self-service machines.

  Do not print the ticket

Don't do it, to reduce contact with the driver. You can take it on your mobile device and also identify yourself with your ID to access the bus.

 Wash your hands

Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth. Before and after the trip, wash your hands with soap and water or with hydroalcoholic gel.

 Avoid waiting at stations

Go to the bus as late as possible to avoid waiting at the stations. Go alone, without companions, unless it is essential.

  Orderly row

Keep an orderly line before boarding the bus. On the stairs of the station, keep a single line, without overtaking and with a separation of two steps.

  Safety distance

Always keep a safe distance from other travelers outside the bus.

 Cough into the elbow

Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with your elbow or a disposable tissue.

 Your safety is everyone's safety

Act with empathy and respect for others. Your safety is everyone's safety.