ALSAPASS: A pass for non-stop travelling
ALSAPASS: A pass for non-stop travelling

A pass for non-stop traveling

You have all ALSA lines to choose from: short or long haul. Where are you going to start?

Discover the easiest and cheapest way to tour Spain.

How to buy your ALSAPASS

How to buy your ALSAPASS:

  • Sign in to
  • Buy the modality you want: 7 days > 99€ ,11 days > 145€ or 15 days > 175€
  • We will send you your ALSAPASS locator: code associated with your pass
How to use your ALSAPASS

How to use your ALSAPASS:

  • Use our ticket search engine at
  • Enter your locator in the "Promotional code"
  • Thus, the ticket goes to €0

Remember that ALSAPASS is in your name: only you can enjoy it.

It's about traveling around the country! That's why you can only buy one-way tickets.

Our suggestions

Still not clear? We have three suggested routes to help you travel across Spain without missing a thing!