ALSA understands Corporate Social Responsibility as the integration of social and environmental concerns into its commercial operations and as part of its relations with its collaborators.

Fully aware that issues related to the improvement of the social and environmental impact of its business activities are ever more important, for many years now ALSA has supported a very wide range of social initiatives, involving culture, science, sports, and charity work, whilst also developing its own actions with regard to Corporate Responsibility.

It also promotes its own cultural initiatives, such as the periodic publication of pocket-sized books which are given to passengers free of charge, as well as the annual literary competition "Stories on Wheels" (Cuentos sobre Ruedas)

The most important lines of action which ALSA implements as part of its Corporate Responsibility programmes are:

  1. Safety: actions are aimed at increasing the safety of our operations for passengers, employees, and the general public.
  2. Operational Excellence: actions are aimed at improving operational efficiency in order to continuously improve the quality of the service that we offer to clients.
  3. People: initiatives and good practices carried out to meet the expectations of our employees, such as:
    • The development of training activities.
    • Favourable conditions for specific groups with problems finding employment.
    • Measures contributing to the reconciliation of personal and professional life.
  4. Commitment to the Community: actions to contribute to the achievement of general objectives in favour of the community in areas such as:
    • Actions aimed at overcoming poverty.
    • Help to promote the social integration of disadvantaged groups.
    • Cultural dissemination and sponsorship through support for cultural and sports activities.
    • Activities to promote environmental awareness.
  5. The Environment: promoting the use of public transport and management of our activities from an environmentally responsible perspective. Our activities in this area are aimed at:
    • Progressively reducing the environmental impact of our activities.
    • The use of clean energy and technology to reduce emissions.
    • The implementation of environmental management systems.
    • Eco-efficiency and promoting environmental awareness.


Our vision

Our goal is to achieve a lifelong loyalty of our customers by providing frequent, high-quality public transport with excellent benefits for our passengers.

Our values

Operational Excellence
We seek perfection in all that we do.
Operational Excellence
The safety of our clients and employees is the most important thing.
Clients are at the core of our business and we strive to meet their expectations.
We promote talent and a reconciliation between the personal and professional lives of our employees.
Our operations improve the social, economic, and environmental conditions of the community.