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This year with Alsa travel more than ever

Go home as many times as you need, don't miss anything in town or repeat your favorite getaway as many times as you want.

If you always travel to the same place, it is more comfortable and much cheaper to buy a pass for 3 or more trips.

It's very easy: when you buy your ticket, as a first option we will offer you to buy a pass for 3, 4, 5 or 10 trips with up to a 50% discount. Remember that tickets can be used both one way and return, and each way will count as 1 trip.

To buy your pass you have to register in Alsa Plus here and, if you are already one, you only have to log in to your private area.

Buy your pass now and don't stop traveling.

Pass conditions

  • Validity: from the date of purchase of the first ticket. General deadline: January 31, 2022.
  • The pass is nominative, personal and non-transferable.
  • You can cancel it as long as you haven't started using it.
  • Available passes for Comfort services on round trip routes selected by Alsa.
    Jetzt können Sie Ihre Gutscheine in Supra-Diensten einlösen, indem Sie die Differenz bezahlen!
  • Sale through the website, app, self-service machines and Alsa points of sale.
  • Cumulative exclusively to the large family discount.
  • The passes offered under these new discounts are those that already existed prior to September 1st, they are not newly created.

Ticket conditions

  • Tickets issued with a pass allow change and cancellation, except the regionals of Cantabria.
  • Each trip is equivalent to a single journey.
  • Available only for daily use with the same origin and destination per direction.


How can I acquire the pass?They can be digital or physical, and can be purchased on the web, in the app, at self-service machines or at operational points of sale. The physical voucher is purchased exclusively at points of sale, and can also be managed at self-service machines.

From when will they be available?
From September 1, 2022.

How can I redeem my digital pass for travel?
It's very simple: in this video we explain how to do it step by step.

What origins-destination are included?
There are hundreds of passes with 30% or 50% discount.

What validity do they have?
You can purchase the pass from September 1 to December 31, 2022. The validity of these passes depends on the date of purchase, but their validity of use will not exceed January 31, 2023.

Are they nominative?
Yes, passes are with the name of whoever is chosen at the time of purchase, except the regionals of Cantabria.

Can I change or cancel the issued tickets?
Yes, tickets can be changed and cancelled. The pass also admits cancellation, unless there is a ticket already issued.

Can I use them for different routes?
No, the route must always be the one chosen at the time of purchase.

What channels can I use them on?
It depends on the one that has been purchased: a physical pass can be validated in physical channels (points of sale and self-service machines) and a digital pass, in any channel, except on the bus itself.

How many passes can I buy per person? Is there a limit?
There is no limit, you can buy as many passes as you want.

Are they roundtrip or just one way?
Tickets can be used both one way and return, and each way counts as 1 trip.

What happens if I have a pass purchased before September 1 and that I am going to use during the bonus period?In this case, you have two options:
1. If you have not used any trip from that voucher, you can cancel it and buy a new voucher from September 1 with the discount.
2. If you have already used it, you can ask us to extend its expiration date. So you save it to redeem those trips later.

Can I buy passes for a minor?
Yes, an adult can buy a pass with the name of whoever they want, including with the name of a minor. But, for example, in the event that a mother or father wants to travel with her/his child, each of them must have a pass associated with her/his name.

Is the discount cumulative to others?
Yes, to the large family.