Transporting mobility aids

You may carry mobility aids such as walking sticks or crutches on board, provided you can store them in such a way that does not obstruct the passage of other passengers or put them in danger. The driver will help you place them in the best possible location.

If you are going to travel with your wheelchair, you will need to bear in mind the following restrictions:

A) For a wheelchair to travel in the space for PRM in wheelchairs, it must meet the requirements for boarding and securing it to the vehicle:

  • To ascend/descend the lifting platform, the maximum admissible dimensions are 120 cm long x 70 cm wide; and the maximum weight, including the occupant, must not exceed 300 kg.
  • In addition, to be able to secure it in place for travel, it must comply with the ISO 7176-19 standard and have a visible sticker or document accrediting this.

Example of a wheelchair sticker that DOES comply with the ISO 7176-19 standard.

Example of a sticker warning that the wheelchair does NOT comply with this ISO standard.

If your wheelchair fails to comply with any of these conditions, it must travel in the hold.

B) If you are travelling with your wheelchair in the hold, either because you prefer to board the vehicle using the steps or because your wheelchair is not suitable for the space for PRM in wheelchairs, the wheelchair must meet the requirements:

  • The maximum dimensions of 140 cm long, 65 cm wide and 100 cm high to fit in the hold.
  • Its maximum weight cannot exceed 100 kg.

Note: the driver will ask you about how your wheelchair should be handled in order to stow it in the hold correctly.