Website accessibility

Accessibility Statement for the Alsa website

At Alsa, we’re always working to promote web accessibility, which is understood to be digital equality, meaning that our website and apps should be accessible to all users, regardless of their individual capabilities. With this objective in mind, we seek to always follow the WCAG guidelines on web accessibility.

To do so, our content features certain functionalities, such as keyboard compatibility, colour contrast, alt texts for images, prerecorded audio, etc.

By the same token, we strive to keep those functionalities up-to-date on our website and apps, precisely to make sure that those with visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments (dyslexia, autism, deafness, cerebral palsy, colour blindness, etc.) have no issues reading or understanding the content.

Here are the measures we take to ensure that our website and app content is accessible:

  • Heading markup and properly structured content.
  • Semantic markup for comfortable browsing, following HTML and CSS coding standards.
  • Changing text size so as not to destructure the website or make it unintelligible.
  • Descriptive names in all links.
  • A content management system (CMS) for website accessibility.
  • Colours with sufficient contrast so that they can be distinguished by people with visual impairment.
  • Alt texts in images so they can be read by screen readers and understood in context.
  • Clear and simple forms created following guidelines for easy reading and accessible for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • In short, easy access to all content, whether static or dynamic.

Some parts of the website and apps still do not meet these requirements, which is why we are committed to continue working to ensure that all users are able to access our content and fully understand it.

In the meantime, until we can make universal access a reality, we offer access to all information via our call centre, by calling our incident and customer helpline on +34 91 020 7007, through our general information form, or by getting in touch with us on social media (Twitter and Facebook).