Alsa at a glance

Alsa is the leading operator in the Spanish sector of passenger transport by road.

With over one hundred years of experience and a vocation of continuous innovation, Alsa is integrated into The National Express Group, an international public transport operator running buses, coaches, and railways in the UK, Mainland Europe, North America, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The concept of transport from a holistic perspective and consistent customer satisfaction are the premises on which Alsa carries out its activities.

As an integral operator, it is able to meet the different transportation needs of citizens providing a wide range of regional, national, international, urban, discretionary (coach hire), and tourist services.

Additionally, Alsa specializes in the management of bus stations, service areas, and vehicle maintenance areas.

Currently, Alsa possesses a modern fleet including 5,398 buses, which transport 437.3 million passengers per year who are served by a competent team of over 14,981 professionals.

Under the principle of security, our customer is at the centre of Alsa's business endeavours, which performs its activities according to criteria of professionalism, quality, and innovation on the basis of commitment to society and respect for the environment.

Alongside its development in Spain, Alsa has carried out an intense process of internationalization, contributing to its presence in most EU countries as well as in the Kingdom of Morocco, where it provides, in each case, the best solutions for citizen mobility.

Alsa in figures

€ 1,199 Million


527 Million







*Data from 2022

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