Our Prevention, Health and Welfare Policies

With the aim and strong commitment to protect and foster our employees’ health and welfare and those of their families, raise awareness on safe, healthful and sustainable work environments, the continual improvement, our performance as a healthful company by supporting the improvement of our communities and, commited about safety and health are a key factor for competitivity, productivity and sustainability of the organization, we hereby establish our policies based on the following principles:

  • The fostering of safety, health and welfare as a corporational strategy, maintaining and improving the quality of life of the organization’s employees in and out worktime, as well as those of their families and the community altogether.
  • The continual improvement of the organization and the work conditions, both at service and process levels, related to all of our actions: passenger transport on the road, vehicles maintenance, bus station management, withdrawal local service and setup of disks and fences, hostelry, hazardous cargo transportation, railway maintenance and rental of luxury cars with chauffeur.
  • To sustain a participating environment among employees and provide a balance between work demand, work supervision, the employees’ training and the social recognition from it, thus encouraging their responsibility and motivation.
  • To comply the legal statements and laws on security, health and welfare, as well as with the rest of aspects related to human capital, treatment equity, family conciliation and integration of people.
  • To collaborate with the public authorities and organizations on security and health issues. To leverage among our providers the adoption of the principles of the hereby policies. To train, inform and raise awareness in terms of security, health and welfare.

This is the reference framework to establish our goals as a safe, healthful and sustainable company. They will be timely revised in order to line up with continual improvement and complying with the organization's values.

Ruth Hernández García
Human Resources Director

Madrid, 01 June 2023