Compliance culture at Alsa

At Alsa, we’ve implemented an organisational culture based on regulatory compliance in every department, ensuring that the controls linked to the different departments are effective and reinforcing our Criminal Compliance Management System.

Our Criminal Compliance Management System focuses on the following areas:

  • Identification of activities constituting a criminal risk.
  • Establishment of protocols and procedures needed to define and implement processes to mitigate the occurrence of crime.
  • Verification and evaluation of the Compliance Model.
  • Obligation to report any issue, complaint or non-compliance via the Alsa Integrity Channel.
  • Raising awareness of the need to comply with applicable legislation and internal rules and procedures.

The main policies that make up our Compliance Model are as follows:

Code of
Código Ético Alsa

It sets out the principles, values and conduct governing the organisation that must be complied with by all its members.

Política de Compliance

It describes the objectives and principles underpinning Alsa’s Criminal Compliance Management System and the roles and responsibilities involved.

Information System
Política de Compliance

It sets out the fundamental principles and safeguards for the use and operation of the Internal Information System.

  Alsa Integrity Channel

At Alsa, we believe in our values (Excellence, Safety, People, Community, Environment and Customers), which require us to strictly comply with regulations, especially since our mission is to lead the modal shift towards collective public transport.

We have been constantly evolving and improving for over one hundred years, and so we believe that our commitment to ethics and transparency has been part of this ongoing development.

For all these reasons, in compliance with Law 2/2023 on Whistleblower Protection, we have opened a safe channel through which our employees and stakeholders can ask questions, make queries and report any irregular or illegal behaviour that is contrary to current legislation or the Alsa Code of Ethics published on this website.

We have three channels for communicating with Alsa regarding these matters (all channels allow for anonymous communications).

 Through the Navex software tool..

 By calling +34 900 98 1221

Via smartphone by using this QR Code which redirects directly to the website:

AENOR Certified Criminal Compliance System (UNE19601)

Alsa has a Compliance Management System that is certified by AENOR in accordance with the UNE 19601:2017 standard.

This regulatory compliance system, that is fully implemented and in force, is mainly concerned with mitigating and reducing as far as possible the likelihood of anyone in the company committing an offence.

This certification sets us apart as an example of good ethical practices and effective implementation of a crime prevention programme within the company.