ALSA y el Medio Ambiente

Alsa is dedicated to achieve economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable mobility, while also developing policies and initiatives responsible for the environment.

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Best environmental practices at Alsa handbook (PDF 2,81 Mb)

Best environmental practices at Alsa handbook for every day (PDF 1,55 Mb)


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Find out how many CO emissions2 you can help prevent by travelling by bus.

Bus travel is the most energy-efficient and least-polluting method of transport. Find out for yourself:

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  • 0 Horas de funcionamiento de una televisión

  • 0 Ciclos de lavado de una lavadora

More is less

If you want to know more about our environmental policies, feel free to download the brochure:

ALSA More is less (Más es menos) (PDF 5012 kb)