As an integrated transport operator, Alsa aims to be a profitable company focusing on the transportation of people, with a range of products and operating methods, fully compliant with regulations in force at all times, and consequently compatible with environmental protection and sustainable development, fostering energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption. For this purpose, its Strategic Policy includes the necessary plans and resources to fulfil the commitments established in this Environmental and Energy Policy.

It is the responsibility of Alsa’s management to ensure that all persons belonging to the Group or working on its behalf comply with this general goal.

Accordingly, this Environmental and Energy Policy provides the general guidelines for action in connection with the environment and energy and is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Comply with applicable environmental and energy legislation and regulations, and any other legal or other requirements applicable to the company — including in excess of minimum requirements, when viable.
  • Perform periodic internal and external verifications of regulatory compliance in connection with the environment.
  • Offer an attractive product, providing an efficient, safe and high-quality transport service by optimising resources.
  • Nurture a participatory environment among employees, based on trust and respect, in which staff feel motivated to achieve the organisation’s objectives.
  • Manage waste and leaks in a manner that is respectful of the environment and regulations, preventing and controlling damage to the environment from our activities, and fostering the rational use of natural resources.
  • Foster the efficient use of energy and energy saving through the use of energy-saving techniques at its facilities and in its vehicles and the way they are driven.
  • Continuously improve our environmental management practices, in both services and processes, in relation to the effects of our present and future activities.
  • Acquire a commitment to continuous improvement in energy performance.
  • Develop our activities with a particularly acute awareness of the environment, implementing and maintaining an efficient management system that is a driving force for management.
  • Consider the environment and the responsible use of energy to be a priority objective, on an equal footing with any other of the company’s general objectives.
  • Cooperate as fully as possible with authorities and official bodies linked to transport, the environment, energy saving and efficient driving.
  • Train, inform, cultivate and raise awareness among all the company’s staff in order to develop best working practices in general, and those in connection with the environment, reducing energy consumption and efficient driving.
  • Support the acquisition of energy-efficient products in order to improve the energy performance of all our activities.
  • Encourage our suppliers of products and services to adopt the principles enshrined in this Policy, and to follow the guidelines in our Environmental, Energy, Prevention and Efficient Driving Management System.
  • Foster and encourage efficient driving of vehicles in our fleet, and train drivers in this connection, establishing benchmark goals.
  • Establish and periodically verify compliance with the goals and objectives in connection with efficient driving and the related energy policy.

Establish and foster actions to build a culture of continuous improvement in driving so as to achieve energy efficiency, among employees and at the company.

Francisco Iglesias Campos
Chief Executive Officer of Alsa

23 March 2016