EFR (Corporate Social Responsibility): Principles, Values and Advantages

ALSA has been accredited as a company with Corporate Social Responsibility since 2013.

Having Corporate Social Responsibility officially recognises organizations that have a management model that supports a balance between business, work and family through the implementation of measures and policies.

From an employee perspective, the policy framework significantly values the possibility of having a certain flexibility and support, to achieve a greater balance between work and home responsibilities, even though sometimes there may be a conflict of interests.

The EFR award supports with the following benefits:

  • It allows us to understand the current situation by speaking to those to whom it directly interests (the managers, the employees).
  • It allows us to implement a model to regulate policies in order to balance work and home, equality of opportunities and diversity in the workplace.
  • With the implementation of this model, we begin a process of continuous improvement that allows our organisation to advance in the development of new policies in this area.

AENOR Certificate in Emergency Management

ALSA has obtained a new quality certificate in its service: this time it is the AENOR Certificate in Emergency Management. This certificate rewards the importance of an effective response to the consequences of natural disasters, unintended or deliberate incidents or an accident in our case, and to improve the capacity to respond appropriately to the needs of affected.

This UNE-ISO 22320: 2013 certification collects the best global practices for establishing order and organizational control of structures and procedures, decision making, traceability and information management.

ALSA thus joins the organizations that have implemented an Emergency Management in their organization according to UNE-ISO 22320 and with it we have achieved:

  • Develop and improve our capabilities in all types of emergency response of any dimension, whether from an incident, crisis, activity interruption, disaster or accident.
  • Ensure the information is truthful and reliable, as data and information management processes are established.
  • Minimize misunderstandings by establishing a basis for coordination and cooperation between the parties involved.
  • More efficient management of shared resources.

AENOR Certified Healthy Company

ALSA has obtained a new quality certificate in its service: AENOR Healthy Company. AENOR, together with the European Institute of Health and Social Welfare and the Society of Prevention of Fremap, have developed this Healthy Business Model.

The model sets the requirements for a management system for organizations committed to existing international health business principles and recommendations that want to promote and continuously protect health, safety and the well-being of workers and the sustainability of the work environment.

The Healthy Business model allows:

  • Improve the health, well-being and safety of employees in a sustainable way.
  • Reduce accidents and illnesses on an ongoing basis.
  • Systematize the key aspects of healthy work environments (physical and psychosocial environment, health resources and community involvement in the community).
  • Facilitates legal compliance.
  • Improve the company image.
  • Facilitates compliance with customer requirements.
  • Enhances the company's competitive edge.
  • Enables integration with other systems.
  • Enhance employee motivation.

EFQM European Excellence Award

As part of ALSA’s business strategy in the last few years, understanding our client and adapting our services to suit their needs has become the primary objective of the company’s daily activities. For this reason and to ensure the continual improvement of our policies, regulations and standardization and the integration of such, ALSA has received the award of EFQM European Excellence, with more than 400 points. This award socially recognises business management of excellence.

In Spain currently only 350 businesses have received this award, and ALSA is the first to receive the European Excellence award within the public transport sector.