In Madrid, at 3.00 pm on 28 June 2017, the judges of 17th edition of the "Cuentos sobre Ruedas” short story competition, created by ALSA to promote travel writing, issued their decision. The contest rules have been deposited with a notary public.

The judges of the competition are: Chair, Víctor García de la Concha; Álvaro Ruiz de la Peña; Clara Sánchez; Luis Ignacio Parada; Diego Carcedo and Carlos Maribona; Pablo Gómara is Secretary.

After deliberation and voting, the judges issued their


Cuentos Sobre Ruedas Competition 2017: Eloy López Grandal, from Santiago de Compostela, for his work "Al Final del Camino”.

The remaining four stories picked by the jury to be published alongside the winner were submitted by:

  • Alberto Palacios Santos, (Salamanca), for "Quisimos tanto a Yolanda”.
  • Adelaida Rodríguez Agraso, (San Fernando, Cádiz), for "Nunca Nadie”.
  • Gabriela María Herrero Santos, (Madrid), for "Empezaba por A”.
  • Faustino Lara Ibáñez, (Toledo), for "Doce Metros Cuadrados de Ilusión”.

Signed in Madrid, on 28 June 2017.

Pablo Gómara

Secretary of the Panel

17th Year of Stories on Wheels

17th Year of Stories on Wheels


With the aim of promoting creative writing referring to travel and bus transport, and equally promoting the reading of such works, ALSA announces the 17th edition of the short story competition “Stories on Wheels,” which will be run on the following basis:

1. As many authors as possible can participate in the competition, with one or more works in Spanish.

2. The works should be original and unpublished, and should relate to travel and bus transport.

3. The file cannot exceed 10 sheets of paper with a maximum of 3000 words.

4. The deadline for sending stories is 30th April 2017.

5. Two copies of the story should be sent to the following address:


Presidente del Jurado
“Cuentos sobre Ruedas”
C/ Alcalá, 478
28027.- Madrid

Or emailed to the following address: cuentosobreruedas@alsa.es

6. On each copy of the story, the author must write their name, surname, address and phone number or their pseudonym, in which case it will be essential that the story is sent with a sealed envelope that contains the details of the participant.

7. The participant must attach a declaration that guarantees the authorship of the work and that the author is not compromising their own rights, nor are they awaiting the result of another literary competition.

8. Once the result has been published, the stories not awarded prizes will be discarded, and any complaints will be refused.

9. By participating in the competition, the author gives ALSA the rights to the work handed in for its possible publication in a collection of stories that is not for sale.

10. The judging panel will be formed of people recognised for their work in creative writing, and the judges will not change until the result has been announced.

11. The judging panel, whose decision will not be subject to appeal, will award a prize of 6,000 Euros. The result will be published on 30th June 2017 on www.alsa.es.

12. ALSA is authorised to solve whatever other eventuality that has not been detailed in these rules. Participating in the competition implies full compliance with the competition rules that remain in force before a Notary.

*In agreement with the established Law of the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that it is essential that the participant provides ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U., with basic information needed in order to identify them. The details provided will only be used for administrative purposes, and will be included in the CLITER file. Participants will have access to this file and will be able to change, correct and delete its content. All requests to change personal details should be sent to ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U., CONCURSO “CUENTOS SOBRE RUEDAS”, Calle Alcalá, 478 - 28027 – Madrid, or any other address that is registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The present consent may, in any case, be withdrawn at any moment. The withdrawal of personal details, in this case, will mean the participants exclusion from the competition.