Busplus Club regulations

BUSPLUS Loyalty Club, run by ALSA GRUPO, S.L.U. (hereinafter AG), has been created to reward ALSA clients' loyalty. ALSA will mean the companies that use this insignia in their passenger road transport services. These Regulations enter into effect as from 1 September 2014. ALSA reserves the right to modify these Regulations and the BUSPLUS Club characteristics at any time to improve the conditions thereof. In the event of any such modifications, ALSA will notify BUSPLUS members, at least one month in advance and via both electronic mail and its webpage, regarding the new operating structure and characteristics, as well as the date as from which the modifications will be effective. Clients who do not wish to continue as BUSPLUS Club members will have to notify this within a period of one month following notification of the modifications and they may redeem the entirety of the accumulated points in that same period of time; once said deadline has elapsed they may not make any claim against ALSA for this motive. The Club will be cancelled without prior notice, any liability or application of the above provisions in the event of any force majeure circumstances or any legal impositions that prevent its continuance.


BUSPLUS Club awards points for the purchase of ALSA tickets. These points give the right to discounts on the purchase of ALSA tickets, as well as free tickets, as the case may be, and carry express authorisation for reception, via any means, including electronic mail, SMS or telephone, of any information regarding the Club, new features, and ALSA services and/or promotions. Likewise, the status of BUSPLUS member entitles beneficiaries to certain exclusive discounts offered by the establishments that sign up to the BUSPLUS Club.


BUSPLUS Club is open to any individuals over the age of 18. BUSPLUS Club membership is totally free of charge and implies knowledge and acceptance of these Regulations. To become a BUSPLUS Club member, applicants should complete the application form drawn up for this purpose and which is available at ALSA points of sale and on the website  Proof of BUSPLUS membership is provided by a national id. document [DNI] or any other legally valid equivalent document (passport, foreigner's Id. [NIE]). AG reserves the right to cancel the membership, without any prior written notice, of clients whose accounts show no movements for more than two years. Such clients will become inactive clients and their points may be cancelled, without prejudice to their right to request reactivation as BUSPLUS clients. Likewise, AG reserves the right to cancel the points account and its balance and to cancel the BUSPLUS membership of clients who infringe the rules set out in these Regulations, or who fraudulently use ALSA tickets. AG reserves the right to cancel the BUSPLUS Club at any time, giving members one month's notice, without this action giving rise to any liability for any damages that said cancellation may cause to BUSPLUS members. If the BUSPLUS members have sufficient points to exchange for tickets, they may exchange them within the aforementioned month's notice.


Following receipt of your application, which can be submitted at any ALSA point of sale or by sending the specific application form from our website, we will register you as a BUSPLUS Club member, upon which you will start to obtain points, which will be accumulated in your account. When you join BUSPLUS Club, you commit to ensuring that the information provided in the registration form is, at all times, true, accurate, updated and complete. If this is not the case, AG may immediately suspend or cancel your points account and prevent your current and future access to the Club by cancelling your membership. BUSPLUS members may request cancellation of their Club membership at any time, in writing, addressed to BUSPLUS: DTO. MARKETING, 1ª PLANTA, C/ ALCALÁ, 478, 28027 MADRID, indicating their wishes and including a copy of the identity document.


Members may also obtain additional advantages, the characteristics and period of validity of which AG will notify via their authorised channels. These exclusive advantages may not, in any case, be accumulated with any ticket promotions. In the event of any contradiction between the aforementioned, the conditions established on the promotional tickets will prevail. BUSPLUS members, due to their membership status, will obtain the following direct advantages: (1) Elimination of handling costs as from the second purchase operation carried out via the web, mobile App or the telephone service no. 902422242; (ii) Access to Supra lounges; (iii) Ticket changes without any additional charge up to two hours prior to departure; (iv) In the event of missing the bus and during the following half hour, ticket exchange free of charge for the next following departure; (v) SMS notifying the ticket locator, at no extra cost. Consult the direct advantages available at any given time. At the same time, BUSPLUS members may also obtain significant additional discounts for young people and the elderly. Consult additional discounts available and their period of validity at Furthermore, ALSA offers all its BUSPLUS members the possibility of requesting the UNO-e BUSPLUS VISA credit or prepayment card, totally free of charge, with no issuing or maintenance fees to make purchases or withdraw cash using Contactless technology, EMV Chip and payment validation via PIN. For more information, see additional advantages and conditions on the UNO-e BUSPLUS VISA Card Application Form, available at our sales channels.


BUSPLUS members who purchase ALSA tickets at ALSA points of sale, on the website, via the telephone service no. 902422242 and the channels authorised by AG, will obtain 10 points for each €5 purchases (no rounding up will be applied under any circumstances). AG reserves the right to modify the number of points to be obtained at any given time for the purchase of ALSA tickets, modification that will be notified beforehand at the ALSA points of sale and on the website Notwithstanding the aforementioned, AG will inform BUSPLUS members regarding special promotions to obtain extra points, addressed, in particular, to BUSPLUS VISA Card members who acquire tickets using this card. The points are obtained at the time the ALSA tickets are acquired, presenting the member's DNI or any other legally valid equivalent document that provides proof of identity at the ALSA points of sale or the channels authorised by AG. The points will be assigned automatically in the member's account. However, in the case of tickets purchased via the website and the telephone service no. 902422242 (exclusively for journeys authorised by ALSA) the points will be entered in their account once the corresponding charge has been posted in the bank account of the member that is the holder of the finance card used. Nevertheless, AG declines all responsibility for any delay that could arise in the operation's accountancy due to circumstances beyond AG's control that make automatic operation capture impossible. AG reserves the right to cancel any points posted erroneously in members' accounts. The points expire after 24 months as from the day following that in which they were obtained. Cancellation of tickets purchased will result in elimination of the points obtained for the purchase of the tickets in question.


BUSPLUS Club members can view their points balance on the website


Points may only be exchanged within the Club structure and for the corresponding ALSA tickets. Under no circumstances may points be transferred or exchanged for cash. Members may exchange accumulated points for discounts on the price of the ALSA ticket they purchase; the number of points necessary to obtain the aforementioned discounts will be determined, in each case, based on the itinerary and the class of service in question. Members may also exchange their points for ALSA tickets (subject to seat availability) at ALSA points of sale, as well as on the website and other alternative channels that ALSA may, as appropriate, make available to members. The member's DNI or equivalent document will be requested, together with the details of the required journey. These tickets may not be modified or cancelled once they have been requested. AG will deduct the points corresponding to the ALSA tickets requested from the member's account as soon as the BUSPLUS Department receives the exchange request.


AG, in compliance with Organic Law 15/99, as the entity responsible for processing, hereby informs you that the personal data provided will be incorporated in a file held by AG, with address at Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, for the purpose of formalising your membership of BUSPLUS Club, and that said information will be used by the AG personnel responsible for said processing. Furthermore, your data may be used to carry out profile analysis, market studies and commercial prospecting, opinion surveys and statistics analysis, direct telephonic marketing, as well as sending, via any means including electronic mail or other equivalent electronic communication media or by telephone, any information on services, new features and/or offers, whether from ALSA or the establishments associated to ALSA's BUSPLUS Club, related to the leisure, transport, hotel, training, telecommunications, fashion, retail trade and insurance sectors, as the case may be. To carry out this additional processing, we require your authorisation and upon signing the Club membership form or sending it via our web page, we deem that you give your consent in this respect. You can view the establishments associated to the BUSPLUS Club via the web page You may exercise your right to oppose this processing by marking the appropriate boxes on the application form. Furthermore, you may also subsequently exercise said right of opposition at any time. Likewise, we hereby inform you that your personal data may be notified to the establishments associated with the BUSPLUS Club by virtue of trade agreements entered into with said third parties. This data notification is necessary so that you may benefit from the products, advantages and services offered by the BUSPLUS Club associated establishments. You may view the companies with which AG has trade agreements addressed to BUSPLUS Club clients or those who collaborate with the Loyalty Club on the web page The assignees of the data are obliged to use the data exclusively for the BUSPLUS Club's established purposes, processing the data applying the strictest confidentiality. It is mandatory to provide the data marked with an asterisk, without which your BUSPLUS Club membership registration cannot be carried out. We take the data supplied as true, AG reserving the right, in any case, to exclude from the BUSPLUS Club any members that have provided false or inaccurate data. Members may exercise, free of charge, their rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, in writing, addressed to ALSA GRUPO, SLU, Calle Miguel Fleta, 4, 28037, Madrid, mailed to this address or sent via the electronic address established for this purpose:, attaching, in any case, photocopy of their DNI or any other legally valid equivalent document that provides proof of identity.


These Regulations will be applied and interpreted pursuant to Spanish legislation. The parties hereto, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond, agree to submit any disputes that may derive from these regulations to the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the address of the client. BUSPLUS members declare that all the data set out in the membership form are true and that they know and accept these Regulations and that, by their signature, they voluntarily accept these and that their first purchase of an ALSA ticket will constitute express declaration of their full knowledge and acceptance of said conditions. Likewise, within the present proceedings they have been given a copy of these Regulations.