Alsa offers a package service on national routes, whereby unaccompanied packages may be sent from one station to another. You may request this service at our stations, providing the name, surname and telephone number of the sender and the person who will pick it up. On arrival at the destination, the package will be held by the check-in crew, who will be expecting it.


  • Packages will be carried depending on the available space in the hold at the time the service is requested
  • Alsa accepts no responsibility for perishable items. No animals will be carried unless the owner is also a passenger.
  • The carriage price of each package will depend on its departure and arrival points.
  • In the event of the loss of any package held by the check-in team, the user will be compensated on the basis of the weight of the lost item.
  • Service not available on international routes.

The conditions of the package service depend on each station; not all offer this system. For more information about the Alsa package service, through our general information form, where you will be given the address of the Check-in Point; otherwise, visit any Point of Sale.

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