Children under 12 are entitled to discounts on Alsa tickets and passes.

National routes:

  • Babies aged 0 - 3 years: free.
  • Children aged 4 to 11 years: 30% disc.

On international routes there are also discounts for children and babies, but the discount changes depending on the route selected.


  • When boarding the bus, you must show some form of document verifying the child's age.
  • The “Child” discount is applied to the baseline price of the adult fare, i.e. price taking no special rates, promotions or discounts into account. This discount may not be combined with other promotions or discounts, except for the Large Family discount.
  • The discount is applied only to the price of the child or baby ticket, not to booking fees or supplements (extra luggage, travel insurance, etc.).
  • Baby tickets will only be issued in conjunction with an adult ticket.
  • When travelling with more than one baby, the first travels free of charge, the second gets a 30% discount off the baseline rate, and the third and subsequent babies pay the baseline rate.
  • Excluding services provided, under article 77 of the Land Transport Regulation Law, jointly with and/or by carriers collaborating with Alsa.

How to get child and baby discounts

www.alsa.comApp and vending machines:

  • In the search feature, identify each passengers as “Baby” or "Child”, as the case may be. Remember: “Baby” tickets will only be issued in conjunction with an adult ticket.
  • Go to “Select my schedule” and choose your ticket.
  • In the purchase summary, the first “Baby” ticket will have a price of €0 and “Child” tickets will have a 30% discount off the baseline adult rate for the selected route (i.e. the rate without special rates, discounts or promotions).
  • When boarding, you will be required to show some form of document verifying the age of the child or baby.

Points of sale and phone sales:

  • Mention the passengers’ ages when buying tickets.
  • On boarding the bus, show documents verifying the children's ages.

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