Passengers may carry up to two pieces of luggage with a combined weight of 30 kg on each route*.

You may carry an extra 20 kg of luggage from €5 per national route (from 5€ on international routes as well), booking it during the purchase process.

Extra luggage may be added via, telephone number 902 422 242 and Alsa points of sale. Do not forget to label all luggage. Labels are available at points of sale.

To add extra luggage via the website:

1. Start the purchase process.

2. When you reach the "Customise my seat" step, go to "Complete my ticket" and select the option "Extra luggage?".

3. The purchase summary will show the added extra and the final price.

*Luggage limit for routes: Madrid – Guadalajara: 50 kg; Fraga – Lleida and Murcia – Almería: 40 kg

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