Pet tickets for national and regional routes cost 50% the baseline price of an adult ticket, i.e., the price taking no promotions, special rates or discounts into account. They may be acquired via any Alsa ticket sale channel. Pets may not be carried on international routes.

Make sure to check our pet transport conditions.

Buying a ticket for your pet:


  • Select your service. When you reach the “Customise my seat” option in the “Complete my ticket” section, select the “Pets” option.

The purchase summary will show the final price and the price of your pet's ticket under “Additional services”.

On the App

  • Select your service, enter the passenger details and select the “Pets” option under “Additional services”.
  • The purchase summary will show the price of your pet's ticket as “Pet Carriage Supplement”.

Points of sale and phone sales

  • When buying your ticket, indicate that you will be travelling with your pet. If the service is available, the ticket will be included in the final price.

Self-service machines

  • Begin the purchase process. Before selecting the payment method, select the “Pet” option, which will be added to your ticket.

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