Alsa Plus points may be exchanged via any Alsasales channel when you log in as a member.

To exchange points at,  or on the App:

1. Enter as an Alsa Plus member before commencing the purchase process.

2. If you have enough points, when you reach the “Complete your purchase” stage, the option of paying with points will appear before the payment method.

3. Select the option for the portion of the ticket you wish to pay for using points.

4. The purchase summary will show the amount due, differentiating between points and money.

Conditions for paying with points

  • Tickets may be bought with points alone or with a combination of points and money (50 points = €1 discount on your ticket).
  • If you have enough points, you will be offered the option of exchanging them for a discount of 20%, 50% or 100%.
  • Alsa Plus points expire after 18 months.

To get points when you travel, remember to log in as an Alsa Plus member before buying your ticket. Your points will be added to your Alsa Plus account once you have completed your journey.

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