Alsa may admit pets under the following conditions:

  • Owners must travel on the same bus and are solely liable for their pets.
  • At most one pet may be carried per vehicle, and will be carried in a special area in the hold.
  • Only small animals, under 10 kg, including dogs, cats, birds (not poultry), etc. may be carried.
  • Exceptionally, other non-dangerous animals may be carried, if authorised by our technician.
  • Animals must be carried in a cage, pet carrier or other closed, rigid and impermeable container, supplied by the passenger.
  • Pets must be aged over 12 weeks and be chipped and documented (pet passport [SIIA], valid veterinary booklet). They must be free of internal and external parasites and be vaccinated in accordance with the regulations of their departure and destination points.
  • Pregnant females and females who have recently given birth (up to one week) will not be carried.
  • Animals must be mobile and free of lesions.
  • Passengers travelling with pets must be present at the departure point at least 15 minutes in advance of the departure time in order to place the carrier on the bus personally.
  • Assistance dogs may be carried inside the bus at no extra cost. They must be duly documented.
  • No animals will be carried on international routes.

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