May I carry a bicycle, surfboard or skis?

Alsa admits sports equipment. The service may be requested at Alsa points of sale or via the app or website, at an additional cost of €20 per journey.


  • Passengers may carry only one piece of sports equipment each, up to four per vehicle.
  • Sports equipment must be carried in a box or carry bag. And, due to space problems, we recommend that the front wheel of the bicycles be packed disassembled.
  • Alsa points of sale sell bicycle carry bags for €12.
  • On the website, app and when calling 902 422 242, you may add the service only during the purchase process.
  • Once you have bought your ticket, you may only add this supplement at points of sale, and depending on the capacity of the vehicle.
  • This service is not available on double-decker buses.

To add sports equipment via the website:

1. Commence the purchase process.

2. When you reach the "Customise my seat" step, go to "Complete my ticket" and select the "Sports equipment" option.

3. The supplement will be added to your purchase summary, as "Additional service".

On the App

If you are an Alsa Plus customer:

1. Log in as an Alsa Plus customer and, after choosing your ticket, go to "Additional services".

2. Select the "Sports equipment" option and click "NEXT".

3. The purchase summary will show the price of the supplement, as an "Additional service".

If you are not an Alsa Plus customer:

1. Commence the purchase process. Once you have chosen your ticket, go to "Main passenger".

2. After entering your details, click "NEXT".

3. The purchase summary will show the price of the supplement, as an "Additional service".

Ban on electric scooters

  • From January 10, 2024, access to the bus with electric scooters is prohibited on all Alsa services.
  • This prohibition applies not only to electric scooters, but to any other mobility device equipped with batteries.
  • Vehicles for people with reduced mobility are excluded from the ban.
  • The measure is adopted to safeguard the safety of customers.

Other special items

The same fees and conditions apply to similar sporting and/or leisure items which, due to their size and/or characteristics, must be carried in the hold. To ensure the safety and integrity of luggage and other items being carried in the hold, these items will be carried only when suitably packed for transport.

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us (in Spanish)