In general, on national routes, children under 14 must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. On international routes, children under 16 may travel only when accompanied by an adult.

In exceptional cases, children aged 4-14 may travel alone on national routes, under the following conditions:

- Babysitter Service, available exclusively on Alsa Premium services: Alsa offers a Babysitter Service whereby an attendant supervises the child on the route and at all stops along the way. This service must be reserved at least 24 hours before travelling. Conditions:

  • This babysitter service is free of charge.
  • The adult accompanying the minor on boarding will be asked to show some form of ID for the child (ID card, family record book, etc.).
  • This adult will also be required to supply their name and telephone number, to be contacted by ALSA in the event of an incident.
  • If the child is on medication, the attendant will not be responsible for ensuring they take it.
  • On arrival at the destination, the adult picking up the child will be required to show some form of ID (ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.).
  • If the adult who is supposed to be picking up the child is delayed, the attendant will remain with the child until they arrive In the event of an incident, we will contact the adult who requested the service.
  • For further information about our Babysitter Service, contact Alsa on (+34) 91 991 40 30.
  • You may download the form here or request it at any point of sale.

- Authorisation for unaccompanied minors, available on all buses. In exceptional cases, unaccompanied minors may be allowed to travel if a guardian/adult issues an Authorisation Form, which they must sign and which must be validated by Alsa. Conditions:

  • The person issuing the authorisation is solely responsible for the minor.
  • Bus staff are not responsible for supervising the minor either on the route or at any stops along the way.
  • In these cases, Alsa recommends that children travel on routes with no stops along the way, and when the arrival time is no later than 10 pm.
  • For further information about authorisation for unaccompanied minors, contact Alsa on (+34) 919 914 030.
  • You may download the form here or request it at any point of sale.

In either case, the forms must be filled out in duplicate and submitted for validation to before travelling. Children travelling alone must be accompanied by an adult during boarding, and must carry their ticket along with their copy of the Authorisation Form or Babysitter Service form.

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