Travellers aged 14-29 in possession of a Youth Card are entitled to 15% off ticket prices. To obtain this discount, they must be registered ALSAPLUS+ customers and have a discount code from the Youth Card website of their Autonomous Community.


  • Exclusive code for ALSAPLUS+ customers aged 14-30 holding the European Youth Card.
  • May not be combined with other discounts or promotions, except for the Large Family discount and return discount.
  • Tickets may be changed or cancelled.
  • When boarding, you must show your Youth Card and ID verifying that you are entitled to the discount.
  • If you do not show these documents, you will lose the full price of the ticket and may not apply for a refund. If you wish to continue your journey, you will need to acquire a new ticket at full price.
  • Discount available only via the website and App.
  • For long-distance routes covering more than one Autonomous Community. Not available on international routes.
  • Travellers aged under 18 years cannot subscribe to ALSAPLUS+ via our online channels. However, if their parents or tutors are ALSAPLUS+ customers, they may join at any point of sale. In this case, you will be required to fill out a form, show ID and some form of document identifying your parent and verifying that you are related.
  • Not available on international routes.

How to obtain the discount

1. Log in as an ALSAPLUS+ customer before commencing the purchase process.

2. In the search feature, select “Youth”.

3. Click on “Promotional Code/Pass” and enter the discount code from the Youth Card website of your Autonomous Community.

4. Click on “FIND THE BEST FARE”. The results will show promoted “YOUTH CARD” routes.

5. If the code is not valid, a message will appear reading “Promotional code does not exist”. If you wish to continue with the purchase process, the results will show the non-discounted prices.

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us (in Spanish)