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In order to stop the spread of the virus and save lives, several governments are adopting new restrictions on border mobility, as well as other obligations such as quarantines or the presentation of a negative test. Passengers are requested to stay updated at all times about the measures applied in the countries of origin and destination of their trip.

For more information, check each route in our search engine, on the home page, since there are numerous origin / destination combinations on each trip, so prices and times may vary depending on the origin and destination chosen.

General terms and conditions

  • Changes and cancellations are allowed free of charge up to 2 hours before departure.

New extra services

  • Seat selection
  • Possibility of reserving the seat next to you
  • Transport of sports equipment (bicycles, surfboards, etc.)
  • Add extra luggage

Information of interest

Tarifas especiales para gruposSpecial rates for group travel

Contact us via email on and we will send you a quote for a Group ticket based on your requirements.

AlpyBus: ski in the Alps

Get from Geneva airport straight to the ski slopes of the Alps.

Fast, comfortable and affordable transfer. Don't worry about getting from the Geneva airport to the ski slopes or your resort, we'll take you there! Enjoy your trip!

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