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Mobi4U is Alsa’s MaaS (Mobility as a Service) application, featuring different urban areas where customers can find information about the services currently operated by Alsa.

These are some of the features available on Mobi4U:

  • The user’s GPS will detect the area they are in.
  • Customers have the option to switch between areas quickly and easily via the menu, which allows the origin and destination to be selected from an interactive map showing the route.
  • It allows travellers to obtain real-time estimates of buses passing by each stop, with information on any incidents that may affect scheduled times.
  • It enables users to plan their trips, offering them personalised routes according to their interests and preferences: the fastest route, the cheapest route, the most environmentally friendly route or the healthiest route.
  • It is also possible to personalise each area available on the application. Example: Area of Jaén, with a box summarising the bus lines.
  • Customer management and Alsa Plus loyalty programme.
  • Digital sales.

This corporate video contains additional information to supplement the details you received earlier.

+ Rabat (Morocco)

+ Agadir (Morocco)

+ West Midlands (UK)

Mobi4U is a use case of AIT4T. Subsidized by aid C007/20-ED from More information in this link.