Over 60s fare


Enjoy 30% off.

And if you are Alsa Plus, discover what’s so great about travelling with Alsa:

  • Experience the comfortable seats and extra legroom.
  • New on-board services: individual screens with films, games and radio.
  • Free Wi-Fi and USB port on every seat to charge your phone.

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General Conditions

  • Exclusive offer for over 60 Alsa Plus customers.
  • For national routes operated by Alsa, over 150 km.
  • Not valid for international routes.
  • Not valid when travelling on Friday, Sunday or bank holidays.
  • Can be changed but not cancelled.
  • Exclusive for one-way or round-trip tickets closed. It does not apply to tickets with an open return.
  • Pre-allocated seat change is permitted at an extra cost.
  • On Class Services operated by Alsa.
  • Excluding services: Almendralejo-Seville and Seville-Mérida.
  • When boarding the bus, it is essential to present the identity document that proves the identity and age of the beneficiary.
  • The Regional services of Asturias do not include the routes that connect with the airport.

* Promotions and discounts not applicable to services offered under the terms of Art. 77 of the Land Transport Act, jointly with and/or by Alsa partners.