Connect to Alsa's Wi-Fi

We want your trip to be a comfortable and entertaining experience. For this reason, at Alsa we offer you the possibility of connecting to our Wi-Fi network completely free of charge: you can always be connected on more than 1000 of our buses.

For this, only these 3 simple steps are necessary:

1. Connect to the ALSAWIFI network

2. Access the portal http://www.alsawifi.es

3. Accept the terms of use

And ... you can now navigate!

Recommendations for use and problem solving

  • If you start browsing a website “https: //”, the access portal will not appear and you will not be able to connect. Therefore, we recommend starting navigation always through http://www.alsawifi.es
  • The connection is valid to check your email, WhatsApp or social networks. You will not be able to download or send heavy files, or watch videos online.
  • If you have previously connected to an ALSAWIFI network, maybe it doesn’t appear the access portal to navigate. In that case, go back to http://www.alsawifi.es and accept the conditions of use.
  • If you are close to more Alsa buses when connecting, check your connection once the trip has started in case you connected to another bus.
  • And remember: during the trip there may be areas of low coverage outside Alsa where the signal is lost. Once this area is exceeded, you may have to connect again. You can check here a coverage map of this service provided by Vodafone.

Currently, we make available to our clients the most advanced Wi-Fi router for mobility connections, thus improving the connection possibilities of our travelers,

This free, broadband connectivity quality service also integrates advanced information security and filtering capabilities for inappropriate sites.

You can also download a pdf version of these instructions and recommendations for use at this link:

How to connect to wifi and recommendations for use (800KB)