Premium: the most exclusive way to travel by bus.


Available on the routes:
  • Madrid-Bilbao
  • Madrid-Granada
  • Madrid-Soria-Logroño
  • Madrid-Vitoria-San Sebastián-Irún

A complete à la Carte journey

Sala PremiumPremium waiting area

The Bilbao new temporary bus station hasn't got Premium waiting room.

Control de equipajeLuggage control

Menús especiales Special menus

Pantallas de navegación táctilTouch navigation screen

Wifi gratuitoFree WiFi

Asistencia especial para niños, personas mayores y discapacitadosSpecial attention for children, older people and those with disabilities

Silla portabebé y calienta biberonesBaby chairs and bottle warmers

Habitáculo para mascotasSpace for pets

Servicio de recogida puerta a puertaDoor to door collection service

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