Bulnes Funicular

Did you know that ALSA manages the Bulnes Funicular? Find out how to get your tickets.

ALSA's offer features important improvements and novelties to increase the use of public transport in the area and thus reduce the high levels of traffic jams in the environment, such as Picos, which is of high ecological value.

How to buy your tickets?


To get them on ALSA's website, select on the buy search engine
  • Departure: Funicular location (Poncebos)
  • Destination: Funicular location (Bulnes)

Important:: tickets sold online will be only valid as a proof, needing to be exchanged for a ticket at the sale spot located by the access to the Funicular.

Dog transportation:

to access the funicular accompanied by a dog, the animal must go in a well-ventilated cage provided by the master, or wearing a muzzle or being properly leashed.

You may also get your tickets at the ALSA sale spots through the phone number 902 42 22 42 or at the funicular box offices (From 9:30 am).

Address: Poncebos, s/n 33554 Arenas de Cabrales - ASTURIAS

Dates of service for the Bulnes Funicular:

High season 2017


  • From March 18 to March 20.
  • From April 7 to April 19.
  • From April 29 to May 2.
  • From June 1 to June 24.
  • From October 12 to October 15.
  • November 1 and November 11.
  • From December 2 to December 10.

Time schedule: From 10 am to 20 pm.

Low season 2017

Dates: Rest of year

Schedule: From 10:00 am until 12:30 pm and from 14:00 pm until 18:00 pm.

Frequency of service

Every 30 minutes. On weekdays a trip departs at 8:30 am.

Price list

  • Standard one-way ticket: 17.61 euro
  • Standard return ticket: 22.16 euro
  • Standard one-way ticket for children (Aged 4-12): 4.32 euro
  • Standard return ticket for children (Aged 4-12): 6.71 euro
  • Residents of Bulnes (Resident pass): free

Stats for the Bulnes Funicular:

  • Length: 2.227 m (1.3 miles)
  • Altitude gap: 402 m (1,318 ft)
  • Slope: 18,19%
  • Speed: 6m/s 
  • Approximate duration: 7 minutes
  • Maximum capacity per wagon: 28 passengers (seated)

Recommended hiking routes

The village of Bulnes is split in two parts: "Bulnes de Arriba" or "Barrio del Castillo", and "Bulnes de Abajo" or "La Villa".Naranco

Just 300 m away from Bulnes station, to the left "La Villa" is located. From there, there is access to the "Barrio del Castillo", located around 500 m away from "La Villa", to the right and above the latter. From the "Barrio del Castillo" we can spot "La Canal del Texu", where there is the pathway linking Poncebos and Bulnes.

From "La Villa" and before crossing the Bulnes river, we take the way up walking for 10 minutes while we can see the legendary "Picu Urriellu" or "Naranjo de Bulnes".
For those willing to go down to Poncebos on foot, the trip may take 1:15 hours, starting to the right of the funicular at Bulnes station. Given its difficulty, it is advised to get as much information as possible about the route before doing it.

To climb up to the summit of "Picu Urriellu"/"Naranjo de Bulnes" on foot, it takes 4 to 5 hours to reach the top.
From "La Villa" to "Collado de Pandébano" it takes about 1 hour and half to comple it.
From "Barrio del Castillo" there is access to Amuesa pastures in about 2 hours.
All hiking routes listed above take as much time on the way back.