Alsa offers support services on its intercity routes for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. Check availability for each specific route and vehicle.

Assistance service for boarding and disembarking the bus

Passengers should bear in mind the following conditions:

  • They should be at the bus bay 15 minutes before departure.
  • This includes help boarding and disembarking, finding the seat, and help with luggage at the point of departure, arrival and any stops in between.
  • The service does not include elements for helping with mobility nor assistance during stops in between. It does not provide on-board support to assist with eating, drinking or using the toilet. If necessary, the passenger should be accompanied.
  • Available on all legs of the following routes:
    • Madrid - Granada
    • Almería – Murcia
    • Granada – Granada Airport
  • These services must be pre-booked either through our points of sale, on the website, or by calling our support and sales line at 91 020 7007.