Alsa Rail - Qualifications and certifications

To be authorised to perform their role at a railway company, driving personnel must hold the necessary certifications licensing them to drive a specific type of equipment within a specific infrastructure.

Railway companies wishing to issue these certifications must train their personnel, via their respective safety managers, at a training centre licensed by the State Railway Safety Agency (AESF).

CFF-Alsa currently offers training for the following vehicles:

  • Diesel locomotives: 308, 310, 311, 313, 316, 319, 321, 333, 335, 1500 (MGR) and 1600 (MGR)
  • Electric locomotives: 253, 269 and 289
  • Self-propelled diesel trains: S/331
  • Self-propelled electric trains: 440 and 470
  • Historical trains

The centre also has trainers with knowledge of all the infrastructures that form part of the public railway network (standard width, conventional width and MGR).

In addition, Alsa has several examiners licensed by the AESF on its payroll.

Finally, Alsa offers refresher courses for the certificates issued by railway companies.

Procedure to be followed by railway companies wishing to access training for their personnel:

1. The railway company requests the training course from CFF-Alsa.

2. The training programme to be followed during the course is developed. This will be signed by the railway company’s safety manager and by Alsa.

3. Participants must fulfil the entry requirements for the training course.

4. The theory course begins on the approved premises. Once participants have completed and passed the theory course, practical training will begin.

5. Participants take the practical exam with an examiner licensed by AESF.

6. Training certificates are issued, allowing the railway company to issue the relevant qualification.

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