Alsa Rail - Training

The Alsa Rail Training Centre (CFF-Alsa) is run by the Alsa Group. Approved by the State Railway Safety Agency in February 2018, it has established a comprehensive training scheme designed to meet the needs of the railway sector.

To this end, Alsa is licensed to deliver almost all of the training programmes regulated by Order FOM/2872/2010, with a large team of approved teachers able to teach the most up-to-date railway knowledge for professionals to draw on in their work.

We offer payment facilities and the possibility of FINANCING in our courses. Ask us!

Upcoming train driver courses

Train driver courses are training programs designed to train people interested in working as train drivers. These courses cover safe train operation, railway regulations, railway signalling, train mechanics, railway safety, emergency management and communication with the control centre.

Training programs for train drivers combine theoretical classes with practical training in train simulators and on the railway track. Students learn to operate different types of trains, interpret signals, and make safe and efficient decisions while driving. Additionally, they are taught how to conduct safety inspections before starting a trip, how to handle emergency situations, and how to follow procedures established by the railway company.

By completing the train driver course, you will be able to take the official exams organized by AESF. A test that, once passed, will allow you to work as a train driver in railway companies. This type of training is essential to guarantee safety and efficiency in rail transport, and offers job opportunities in a constantly growing sector.