Montpellier - Barcelona


What to do

To travel from Montpellier to Barcelona, we make it easy for you with Alsa. In our fleet of buses you can travel cheaper. Take advantage of the cheap travel prices Montpellier-Barcelona and check the best prices with the guarantee of the official Alsa website.


The experience begins at the Montpellier Station. With Alsa you will stop over in Beziers, Narbonne, Perpignan, Girona and finally Barcelona Nord. This journey takes only four and a half hours. Another tour that lasts six and a half hours departs from Avignony and will stop in Perpignan, Figueres, Girona, Lloret del Mar, Barcelona Nord, and finally Barcelona Sants. Before leaving this place full of charm and start traveling with Alsa, you should know the places of interest that the city houses. Located in the south of France, it preserves a large number of vestiges that fill its streets with history. It is a busy place with a large presence of young university people who fill the streets of Montpellier of all cultures and ages. Must see places are for example the Place de la Comédie, walking through the old town you will discover palaces and medieval corners worthy of admiration.


The city is home to one of the heaviest ports in the Mediterranean. Barcelona preserves a great architectural wealth where the classic and the modern blend in perfect harmony. When strolling along the Ramblas you can appreciate the cosmopolitan air that fills the streets of Barcelona with life and art. The Gothic Quarter is one of the essential places that you cannot forget to visit. Gaudí has left his characteristic modernist touch that you will easily appreciate in Park Güell and in the Sagrada Familia.

Montpellier to Barcelona travel information

At ALSA we like to be close to our clients, solving all their questions so that they travel comfortably. Would you like to know more about coach travels between Montpellier and Barcelona? We are going to show you the answers to the most common questions of our passengers so that they can help you on your trips.

How long is the coach trip from Montpellier to Barcelona?

The approximate duration of the trip between both cities varies between 4 hours 30 minutes and 5 hours 10 minutes depending on the selected itinerary.

How much is the bus ticket from Montpellier to Barcelona?

You can find tickets at an exceptional price if you book in advance. The price of tickets increases as the date of the trip approaches. You can save on bus tickets if you use the Frequent Traveler Pass that ALSA offers you.

Do the buses go directly or do I have to do a transfer between Montpellier and Barcelona?

All buses do the itinerary directly without transfers.

Do the buses make any stops on the Montpellier to Barcelona itinerary?

Yes, the buses make a stop in the middle of the journey so that our passengers can have a snack before continuing the trip.

What time does the first and last coach leave from Montpellier to Barcelona?

The first bus leaves at 01:00. This bus operates during the night arriving at the destination first thing in the morning.

The last bus from Montpellier to Barcelona leaves at 01:30 p.m. You have up to 3 daily bus frequencies that cover the itinerary between both cities.

What is the distance by bus from Montpellier to Barcelona?

The buses that carry out this itinerary cover a distance of approximately 345 km.

Where do buses from Montpellier to Barcelona leave from?

The buses to carry out this itinerary leave from Montpellier Bus Station on Georges Méliès street and arrive at Barcelona Nord Bus Station on Alí Bei street.

Do you need additional information?

If you are looking for return bus tickets or how to save money on bus tickets, check in our search engine the itinerary from Montpellier to Barcelona and the benefits that ALSA offers to frequent passengers.