Tickets bought via points of sale, self-service machines and La Caixa ATMs may only be handled at ALSA points of sale.

Tickets bought via, 902 42 22 42 or the App may be handled via the same channels or at ALSA points of sale.

To change or cancel a ticket via, go to the home page:

1. Go to “Manage your ticket”.

2. Select one of the following options to identify your ticket:

  • Booking reference and buyer ID.
  • Payment method and date of purchase.

3. Tickets may be changed or cancelled under “Options”.

On the App

If you are an ALSAPLUS+ customer:

  • Using the upper menu, go to “My journeys”.
  • The “Next” tab will show the tickets for your future journeys.
  • Click on “See ticket”.
  • Click on “Options” to change or cancel your ticket.

If you are not an ALSAPLUS+ customer:

  • Go to menu and, from there, to “My tickets”.
  • Go to “Import” and, using your ID and booking reference, link your ticket to the App.
  • Tickets may be changed or cancelled under “Options”.

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us (in Spanish)