If luggage being carried by Alsa is lost or damaged, you may file the corresponding claim immediately on arrival at your destination. You will need to show your ticket and your check-in receipt, if any. Compensation may be made up to the limits established under current legislation. For lost property, you may also call (+34) 919 914 030 or use the “Complaint” form available here.

Alsa is not liable for any loss or damage to luggage handed over to passengers.

I have picked up the wrong luggage... How can I recover mine?

If after leaving the bus you realise that you have taken the wrong luggage, proceed as follows:

Deposit the luggage you took at the Alsa Point of Sale at your destination. To recover your own luggage, you may file a claim at the point of sale, by filling out the Complaint form on the CONTACT section of the website, or by calling us on (+34) 919 914 030.

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