Innovation Center R+D+I

Mobility solutions

The Alsa Innovation Center (R+D+I) was born with the challenge of leading the innovative potential of the sector, being at the forefront in the development and implementation of mobility solutions to create new business opportunities and diversify the service portfolio. own, with a measurable impact on our results.

The center is created as a nucleus of creativity, research and collaboration, playing a vital role in solving mobility challenges, under an innovation model open to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and society.

The center responds to the needs and challenges of the organization, always having the customer in its focus, and helps the incorporation of new solutions and technologies:

a) researching to understand the current state of mobility, emerging technologies and best practices.

b) prototyping and testing innovative solutions under real operating conditions so that they are practical and effective, having a measurable impact on business and the quality of service to our clients.

c) ensuring the sustainability of new solutions through R&D&I in healthy and environmentally friendly technologies.

Promotes a culture of innovation within the organization, the general public, interest groups and among policy makers to generate innovative solutions.

Within a collaborative spirit, establishes new alliances and consolidates existing ones with industry leaders, governments, universities, research centers and new companies taking advantage of experiences and resources.

Objectives and lines of work

The main activity of the center is carrying out R&D&I activities in terms of digitalization and sustainability, which result in new high-impact products and services in mobility systems. But also:

· Look for mobility solutions, fully aligned with Alsa's global objectives.

· Prioritizes transportation safety through the development of advanced safety systems and practices, testing and integrating new technologies, putting customers first.

· Create inclusive mobility solutions that serve all demographics and abilities, ensuring accessibility for all.

Environmental responsibility is another of the pillars, which is why it develops healthy technologies and practices that reduce the environmental impact of mobility, especially reducing its carbon footprint.

· Adopt smart, data-driven solutions that improve transportation efficiency, reduce congestion and improve the overall traveler experience.

The research will focus on new smart, sustainable, healthy, inclusive and multi-segment mobility solutions so that the company's main concerns can be responded to, which are articulated along the following lines:

  • Axis 1. Generation of new intelligent asset management models.
  • Axis 2. Study, design and development of new multimodal transport solutions according to demand and contemplating high added value services.
  • Axis 3. Definition of new sustainable, healthy, connected, inclusive and multi-segment mobility services, based on customer experience and the exhaustive characterization of "non-users".