Figueres - Montpellier


What to do

To travel from Figueres / Figueras to Monpellier in Alsa we make it easy for you. Travel comfortably in our fleet of state-of-the-art buses at the best price. Take advantage of the bus ticket offers on trips from Figueres / Figueras to Montpellier and check the cheapest prices with the guarantee on the official Alsa website.

Figueres / Figueras

Your trip begins in Figueres / Figueras, from where you can take a short route through only the town of Perpignan. You can also opt for the longer route, with the one also through Narbonne. With any travel itinerary, you will have a comfortable and pleasant journey that will eventually arrive in Montpellier.


Travel with Alsa to Montpellier, an exceptional destination, where you will find streets full of movement, a rich cultural offer and a multitude of terraces, bars, restaurants and shops. Passing through the Arc de Triomphe in Montpellier you will be accessing its beautiful old town. Strolling through its historic center, you will see beautiful facades, old palaces, medieval alleys and beautiful squares. In Montpellier you should not miss the Place de la Comédie, the Arc de Triomphe, the Theater de la Comédie, the Cathedral of St Pierre or the Fabre Museum among many other places. Also, you should walk through the modern neighborhood of Antígona and visit the Mikvé, a treasure of Jewish origin. You can visit the complete Zoo that houses a huge Amazonian greenhouse. With the museum tour of history and heritage you can visit the Agora Cité Internacionale de la Danse, the Arena and the Museum of Decorative Arts. The good atmosphere and the wide cultural offer of music, film festivals, exhibitions and theater make Montpellier a more than attractive and very versatile city. Gastronomy lovers who visit Montpellier will be able to enjoy exquisite French cuisine in any of the many restaurants that they will find, both in the old town and outside of it, you should not leave without having tried the Cassoulet made with lingot beans and confit de Duck, the Randade de Nîmes made with cod. The Aligot, which is a typical dish made with mashed potatoes and a cheese made in the area, the tomme, you will toast with any of the wonderful wines of the region, which due to the Mediterranean climate is a perfect place for growing vines.

Figueres to Montpellier travel information

At ALSA we like to be close to our clients, solving all their questions so that they travel comfortably. Would you like to know more about coach travels between Figueres and Montpellier? We are going to show you the answers to the most common questions of our passengers so that they can help you on your trips.

How long is the coach trip from Figueres to Montpellier?

The approximate duration of the trip between both cities varies between 2 hours 30 minutes and 2 hours 45 minutes depending on the selected itinerary.

How much is the bus ticket from Figueres to Montpellier?

You can find tickets at an exceptional price if you book in advance. The price of tickets increases as the date of the trip approaches. You can save on bus tickets if you use the Frequent Traveler Pass that ALSA offers you.

Do the buses go directly or do I have to do a transfer between Figueres and Montpellier?

All buses do the itinerary directly without transfers.

Do the buses make any stops on the Figueres to Montpellier itinerary?

Yes, the buses make a stop in the middle of the journey so that our passengers can have a snack before continuing the trip.

What time does the first and last coach leave from Figueres to Montpellier?

The first bus leaves at 10:30. You have 1 daily bus frequency that cover the itinerary between both cities.

What is the distance by bus from Figueres to Montpellier?

The buses that carry out this itinerary cover a distance of approximately 210,4 km.

Where do buses from Figueres to Montpellier leave from?

The buses to carry out this itinerary leave from the Figueres Bus Station on Carrer Joan Reglà, 1 and arrive at Montpelier station on Rue Georges Méliès.

Do you need additional information?

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