Ticket cancellation and reimbursement will depend on how fast your bank conducts these processes. The Alsa system orders that reimbursements be made immediately, right when tickets are cancelled.

Some banks take several days to pay the reimbursement into the account associated with your card (in some cases, up to 20 days). Nevertheless, if you believe that the reimbursement process is being delayed excessively or that there has been any error in the ticket cancellation process, you can contact our incident hotline on (+34) 91 020 7007.

For tickets bought using PayPal, the price of the ticket is immediately reimbursed to your PayPal account, but may not be reflected immediately on your bank statement. If you think the process is taking too long, we recommend you contact PayPal or check the conditions of your account.

Remember: whether you receive a reimbursement will depend on the specific conditions of the ticket and the company's cancellation policy.

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