Minimum Rate

The best fare

Coach ticket
No changes or cancellation allowed

Reduced Rate

You can change your ticket

Coach ticket
Can be changed, but not cancelled

Flexible Rate

Full flexibility

Coach ticket
You can easily change or cancel your ticket

Change: Change the date, time, or seat, subject to availability.
Cancellation: Up to two hours before the scheduled departure time. The charge applied is in accordance with ALSA's general terms and conditions on ticket cancellations.
Limited seats.

Discounts available

As a member of ALSAPLUS+ get up to 40% off. (People aged 12 to 25.)
Over 60s
As a member of ALSAPLUS+ get up to 40% off.
Return Rate
Get up to 40% off when you book a return trip.
Large Family
Between 20% and 50% off.
Disabled People > 32%
15% off for people with disabilities or a companion (except on the Premium Service).
Children under four years of age accompanied by a paying adult travel free of charge.
Los niños de 4 a 11 años viajan con un descuento del 30%.
Get up to 30% off group bookings for between four and 20 people. Limited seats. No changes or cancellations admitted.

Hasta un 20% de descuento.*

* Promotions and discounts not applicable to services offered under the terms of Art. 77 of the Land Transport Act, jointly with and/or by ALSA partners.